OMG! Kenny?

The  CRAZIEST thing happened today…

Me, my brother and my sis-in-law were at one of the recreation parks* here in Kuching around 5pm.

“Maybe we’ll see Kenny Sia**” My brother smiled as we made our way onto the jogging track.

I wasn’t there to jog. I was just strolling along while sms-ing some friends.He and my sis-in-law then broke off in a jog in front of me.

No sooner had they left my side, I heard some heavy laboured breathing right behind me.

Then a guy wearing a white sleeveless shirt, blue running shorts and an ipod strapped on his left upper arm, huffed past me. I glanced at him and I couldn’t believe my eyes!

That’s him! I thought.
Yes, that’s definitely the back of his head!

And then suddenly, he turns around.


He started back the way he came as if he’d dropped or forgot something on the way, and I was still in shock at seeing him IN PERSON that I could not react.

Instead, I called out to my brother, who was still in sight, and ran up to him and was like: “It’s him! It’s him! It’s Kenny Sia!”


We looked down the track where I’d come from but he was no longer in sight…so they started jogging again.

I continued along, occasionally glancing over my shoulder in hope of crossing paths with him again. Once was lucky. Twice was an opportunity I would not give up!

And I guess it really was my lucky day.

I heard him come up from behind me again.

This time I was ready…

He was coming up beside me.

I looked at him.
He had the “please-don’t-recognize-me” look on his face.

Unfortunately for him:

Me: “You’re Kenny Sia, right?”

He hesitated. “Yes.”

Me: “Can I take a picture with you?”

Kenny: “With me jogging and all sweaty?”

Me: “That’s OK. You don’t have to touch me.”
(Stupid! Stupid! Thing. To. Say.)

Kenny: “Sure.”


And then, I texted Arch and Bong:
“OMG! I spoke to Kenny Sia – IN PERSON!”

Bong replied:
“No photo no talk. Bwahahaha”

Well, what can I say?




No photoshop liao…100% original pic =p

*the name of the place is confidential to give Mr Sia some space.Hehe.
**a local celebrity blogger


23 responses to “OMG! Kenny?

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  2. Bong,
    I think I saw him today too…at another recreation park!Heh.

    u so sure ah?
    were u there?
    thanks for dropping by here anyways…=)

  3. Arch,
    if that’s true then I’m honoured that kenny sia drop by my blog…*swoons*…hahaha…bt i x think dats him lah…sure he too bz to come by my humble not-so-glamer blog…he “big fish” x go swim wit us little fish maa…

    u really want me to answer that?…takut u dissapointed aftwd…haha..;p

  4. Bong, u cuka izzit?
    As I told Arch,kenny just a name and face maa…
    U guys my real heroes…*swoons*

    Puas hati?;p

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