As I’ve mentioned in my recent post, I went for this reunion thingy right?

Well, it kinda got me thinking…

Am I the kinda person that someone easily forgets, or am I the kind that someone will always remember?

Say you meet someone once and never see each other again, would they remember you when you bump into each other? Or say you got their number at that first meet, when you text them, will they reply:

Hey! It’s so nice to hear from you again! So how are you?

Or will it sound something like:

Err…who’s this again?

As I’ve admitted, I really was afraid that no one would remember me at the reunion…I mean, reunions are supposed to be where the topics of discussion are:

Hey! How are you now? Still single?

Hello! So I hear you’re engaged? Congrats!

Hi! How’s the wife and kids?

Congrats man! Heard you got promoted!

I’m so glad to see you again…How long has it been?!

and not…

Hey Angie! How are you?

My name is Betty.


Hey Dan! How are you?

Fine, thanks. And you are…?


Cindy and I used to hang out till late at night just talking…

I know. I was there.

Well, you get what I mean…

But hey! Turns out I was remembered afterall. 🙂 But most of them, I was never really close to, so them not knowing my name – not a big deal…

Important thing, they remembered me. Haha…

Though it does bug me sometimes when (especially sending text messages) you’re all “Hey,how are you? How’s life? Hope you’re feeling better now after that day. Really missed you. Take care ya…” and the reply is “Who is this?”

Freakin people! Save my number lah!!!

Anyways, that’s another story. 🙂

Now, some more pics from the reunion:

P.S. Hiatus after Raya…

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