RWMF 2008

That stands for Rainforest World Music Festival (in case you didn’t know).

So what is RWMF about? In brief: A Happening Party with lotsa music, lotsa people and lotsa lotsa trees! (For the proper definition and all other information on RWMFs, please check out their official website here.) 😀

So anyways, this is something I’ve been thinking of doing since RWMF 2007.

Well, the thought has actually crossed my mind since the 1st RWMF I went to in 2002 (if I’m not mistaken)…but it’s only last year that I figured I really wanted to try this out.

If you can’t even guess what I’m talking about, I’m talking about volunteering for RWMF 2008.

It’s not far-fetched…All I need to do is download the application form online and submit it…

RWMF 2008 will take place on 11th-13th July 2008…at SCV (Sarawak Cultural Village) lah of course!

Hmm…applications close end of March. That means I have 31 days to make a decision…should I apply? Hmm…

How about you guys? Anyone here intrested? Then just click here and download the application form.

It’s definitely gonna be fun… 😀

P.S.A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone born on the 29th of February! You guys ROCK! ‘Cos while the rest of us age every year, you age once in four years! Either that or you celebrate your birthday over a 2-days’ period (28/2 – 1/3)…How sweet is that?! 😀

14 responses to “RWMF 2008

  1. U should go for it…if I were you then I will surely apply. Besides, you dont have anything to lose right? Im thinking to go for the RWMF this year…RM90/day huh? let me think first…

  2. Man-D, RM90/day is about right I think…Jom volunteer lah. Then no need pay for tickets and get all-access. LOL.

    I’m still mulling over the idea…I’d have to apply 2 days leave if I do sign up and get chosen – for the Friday and the Saturday (I apparently have to work on that particular Saturday)…plus,I’m not sure I’ll still be in Kch at that time…so many uncertainties…

    Thanks for dropping by! Nice to “see” Bong’s ehem2 here. Bwahahaha…Come again… 😀

  3. drumsticks,
    yea…working on alternate Sats and on that particular Sat I’m working…well, technically I can take leave but being peak season and all…really hard to say lor. Plus, leave so limited and I have other “must-take-leave” plans this year…hmm…worse comes to worse,then I guess I’ll have to postpone this intention for another year(s)…heh

    school starts July? I thought semesters start in May/June?? Well, maybe diff for diff Us then. 🙂

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  5. How should i send the volunteers application form for RWMF? can i send it through email to the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) or should i send it by myself?? please tell me more bout it!!! lol

    Welcome to PIMP! Firstly, RWMF 2008 is over. The upcoming one is RWMF 2009. Don’t know the links about that yet but just google RWMF 2009 and STB u should find a link somewhere on how to volunteer. Good luck! 😉

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