The 11th RWMF (12 July 2008)

Update: Uploaded more pics below! 😉

I have so many things to share I dunno where to begin!

I could just let the pics speak for themselves but that wouldn’t be fun now would it? 😉

So here’s what happened:

Fab fetched me from the office (yes, I was working that day!) and we went to fetch Mon and met up with with Ule and Ser. I mentioned that day that I got tickets dy rite? Well, there was a slight problem with our ticketing arrangement. Basically, we don’t have tickets yet. That left us a lil bit flustered but we were determined to proceed – even if it meant we had to fork out RM90 per pax like everyone else…

[Background]: Lovely golf field dontcha think?

We arrived at the designated carpark for the Festival (Santubong Golf Resort?) at around 4pm and guess who should bump into us? Some random guy knew Ser and he stopped to chat with her. I had my back to him then so I didn’t see him and neither did he me, but I knew the voice sounded farmiliar. By the time I turned around, he was already walking away but I knew that back and shiny head if it were a mile away. It was none other than Bongkersz. Small world eh? That while I only met Ser that day, we already had an unexpected mutual friend. LOL.

Well, while he proceeded ahead to grab the shuttle, we on the other hand decided to trek to the SCV (Sarawak Cultural Village) entrance…

It’s good exercise – the whole almost-half-hour trek through the winding hilly road… 😉

 At the first entrance, closed.

Although we had arrived at the entrance since 4.30pm, due to the problem with our ticketing arrangements, we only went inside about an hour later.

We ended up buying our tickets at the counter anyways…but there wasn’t a dull moment’s wait!


Fab & I


Mon & I

I met with some old friends whom I have not seen for years…and played “guess-who-is-who” at the entrance and Lola arrived and join our group…Oh yes, we got to see lotsa eye candies and not-so-eye-candies as well…and also the short Kuching blogger (according to STP) arrived with his gf…Didn’t bother taking any pics with him since I don’t read him anymore. 😉

Oh, and the “guess-who-is-who” game? I lost to Melbie cos she knew who I was before I spotted her. And she frisked me! When I asked how she knew it was me,her answer: “Your face is all over your blog.” Really ah? Hehe…Then I must live up to that then…

We were finally inside and immediately went to freshen up at the washrooms at the Amphiteatre. Then Mon, Lola and I made our way to the entrance (again) to get our X tattoos at the Celcom booth there. That was when we were stopped in our tracks by someone belting out or names on the top of his lungs.


Again, it was none other than Bongkersz.

So after we got our X tattoos and doned them on, we made our way around SCV. There were throngs of people and the Bidayuh Barouk was turned into this:

It was turned into a Bar, but the drinks were really expensive…

Nearest to the Bidayuh house is the Iban longhouse. It was less crowded and so we ended up staying there, right until the concert began at night. Doing what? Well, when at the Iban longhouse, do as the Ibans do – ngirup! Hehehe…Or as Lola calls its: Boozing. 😉

P7120040 by you.

We bought a few bottles of tuak (rice wine) and snacked on some supplies we smuggled in (Yes Melbie, one of them got past you. Hehe.) While there, I also got to talk to this boy (I think he’s probably 10years old?)…

Me: Where are you from?
Boy: Holland.
Me: What are you doing here?
Boy: Vacation.
Me: Who are you with?
Boy: My parents.

And at that particular moment, a camera snapped in my face. I looked up to see that some random lady had just taken a picture of me and the boy…to which he explained:

Boy: That’s my ama.

I was speechless…Ama? And she didn’t even ask permission to snap my pic either…If it was a handsome older brother of the boy I wouldn’t have minded. LOL! ;

Nevermind, I thought, as the maid left us. So I turned to the Boy again:

Me: Where’s your parents?
Boy: Somewhere……

And he goes off and disappeared with his ama.

Yeesh. Got my pic taken and I don’t have the handsome older brother’s number…hahaha… 😉

Anyways, when the concert began we at first watched it from the longhouse steps. It was exactly opposite the main stage but one would need binoculars to watch what was happening there. Even so, that didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and doing some dance moves, to the delight of a group of people from West Malaysia who joined us and took pics with us. Really…getting my pic snapped by total strangers is not something I’m usually comfortable with but being in the Party mode, didn’t mind much. Or maybe it’s the booze. 😉 Funny thing is, before they left, one guy said: “If you guys come to Malaysia, call me.” Dude, where do you think we are? LOL!

However, during the performance by Tuku Kame, we made our way to the front of the main stage…somewhere in the middle lah – and woe is me…MUD…definitely NOT something we expected! But inspite of that, we still had fun – except the constant worry that our footgear would dissapear under what was fast becoming quicksand that is. Some parts, the mud was shin deep!

After Tuku Kame, the band from Poland performed and that was SWEET!!! But towards the end of their performance we couldn’t take it anymore – the MUD was irritating and the prospect of losing our footwear was more alarming than ever – so we left the muddy area to find somewhere to dump the footgear. The plan was to dump them so we can go back to the stage and enjoy the show without worrying about them. 😉

But then, the performances after that was pretty ZZZzzzzzzzzzzz, so we changed plans and went to find dinner instead – barefoot. We used “natural leather” the rest of the night…hehehe. The food – yeah, many many choices but all were darn pricey. We had fried rice, just that…and it cost us RM6…

Anyways, after dinner, we contemplated of getting back to the stage area but the performances seemed downhill so we rather have our feet remain clean thank you! We went stall-hopping instead. We went to the Melanau house and finally settled at the Orang Ulu house – and not IN the house, but on the pathway leading to it. And that’s where Part 2 of the Boozing session began. 😉

We had 6 bottles of tuak with us and we were barely halfway through when we “slowed down”…it was late, and sleep, tiredness and the booze was getting to us…so Mon and I decided to head for the washroom. And the moment I stood up to go, who should pass by right in front of me but Pat!

With Pat and Navsta, Traxx.FM

Hahaha…the expression on his face was priceless when I called his name. In italics is what I could hear going through his mind…


Hey…is she talking to me?


OMG! Whose this chick who knows my full name?!

“It’s me, Mar.”

Mar? Ah yes…MAR! Say something!

He finally speaks: “Hi Mar! How are you?”

Hahaha…funny lah you Pat…LOL.

And everything was smooth sailing after that. 😉 Apparently, we were headed the same way – the washroom – and at that time Bongkersz sms-ed me so I invited him to come and meet with Pat and I…at the washroom (of all places!) Wakakaka…Also got to see the man do his job LIVE – crossover with KL. 🙂

With Pat were Navsta and Areen so I got to meet them as well!!! 😀

Areen, Me, Navsta, Bongkersz

Heard Rudy of Hitz was “wasted” so didn’t get to meet him, but it’s cool. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bushes. LOL! And I’d rather have Pat rather than any bird in any bush because after Bongkersz left, he and Navsta and Areen were cool enough to hang with US for the rest of the night – boozing with the stars! Who could be so lucky eh? Hehehe…

Before we knew it, the show was over…everyone was heading home and it was about time we got going too. So we said our goodbyes to Pat, Navsta and Areen and went back to the Iban longhouse where we had left our footies. Even then, before the final curtain call, I managed to have a pleasantly funny and awkward situation…

As Mon and I waited for Fab to get our things, this Caucasian dude (mat salleh/ang moh) approached us…

Him: Excuse me, ladies. Hi.

Me: Yes?

Him: Hi. I just want to ask you. Do you know where the Iban longhouse is?

Me: This IS the Iban longhouse…

Him: That’s strange…(looking at his handphone)…My friend says he’s waiting for me at the Iban longhouse. But then, I AM at the Iban longhouse…

Me: Maybe he’s somewhere but you missed him…

Him: Maybe. (Makes phonecall) Hey, I’m AT the Iban longhouse now. I’m talking to 2 girls (Fab appears by our side then) and a guy.

And suddenly, came a guy from somewhere behind him…His friend. A local.

The timing was so perfect, really makes us think he was never lost to begin with. LOL.

Me: So you’re staying here? (I was being curious.)

Him: Yeah.

Me: You’re visiting? (I was wondering since I thought only volunteers could spend the night…)

Him: Yes, I’m visiting…

Me: I see…Well, we’re leaving now. (Just being polite.)

Him: Where are you going?

Me: Back to Kuching.

Him: Where in Kuching?

Me: Somewhere in town.

Him: Can I come with?

*caught off guard*

Me: But you’re staying here…

Him: I don’t have to…

Now, at this point, I was really trying not to laugh out loud…

It’s not Asian culture to be so “direct”…LOL!

Me: Oh..That’s okay…You enjoy your stay yea!

And we skipped on outta there… 😀

Don’t get me wrong…it was just a bit too awkward for me. LOL. Besides, we were about to leave. If it had been earlier on perhaps I’d have let him tag along with us around SCV. 😉

So we queued at the entrance, now the exit…

The band that made all the fun possible…

…and while waiting outside for our ride to the carpark,

An interesting piece of pamphlet we found lying around….

Interesting huh?

~The End~

Melbie, it was nice to finally meet you, although we didn’t get to talk much or take pics together. Hehe.

Man-D, too bad we didn’t get to meet…someday then! 🙂

Bongkersz, you owe me for granting you “access” to Pat! 😉

P7120023 by you.

Lola, it’s always great hanging with you…Too bad you missed our boozing session (and Pat) hehehe!

Pat, it was FATE that our paths crossed and so glad to meet the person behind the voice! I’m waiting for that “special gift” – a favour I will call upon whenever it may be…hehehe…

P7130058 by you.

Pat, Areen & Navsta on our boozing session

Navsta and Areen, glad to be meeting you guys as well!!!

Last but not least, Cibol…next time make time for your friends lah dude! 😀

10 responses to “The 11th RWMF (12 July 2008)

  1. Hey Mar, enjoyed reading this.. hahaha the foreign guy wanted to know you.. btw, very nice pictures.

    Hahaha…too bad, too late…we were heading home…LOL!
    Yes, thanks to Mon, Lola and Bong for the pics… 😉

  2. Hey, you didn’t go through me or else that snacks would’ve been confiscated… kidding! Hehe .. it the quantity of the snacks aren’t that many, we’d still let them pass bah .. quite lenient bah us.. if too many, of course we would not let it pass by else we’ll be the ones that have to face the complains from the organisers 😛

    Yalah cibol… busy as I was, I still made time to chit chat with the rest kan Mar… even though for a while…

    I think Lola managed to smuggle some things too! 😉

  3. ugh, why i should thank you for getting access to pat? 😛 i already met him before kekekkee 😀 somebody should thank me for the photos.. or else it would be just ‘i met pat and navsta’ but no photos. hahahahhaha! oh? you didn’t get to meet man-d? lousy lah you people. only me get to meet with everyone hahahahahahahahaha!

    I know u met him before, but u wudn’t have access to him if not for me that nite maa…u know, I know and Pat knows lah. 😀 And somebody thanks you for the photos… 😉 You met everyone ah? By fate or did you hunt them down? Hehehe…

  4. eh.. just noticed that, the way you wrote it.. it seems like i always cross my path with you eh? hahahha! goolooloo also wrote the same thing.. ‘everywhere see bongkersz’.. hmm.. hmm..

    Always meh? Twice only leh…the 3rd time was “arranged”…but if you say so, ada jodoh kot… 😉

  5. That botak head must be bobbing all around…like a ball floating on water!!! Hahahahaha!!!! Next time, label photos lah! Who’s from left to right? See girl sexy…also dunno her name!!! LOL!!!

    P.S.: That cibol oredi habis lah…hook, line and sinker!!! Tunggu hari aje…nak kahwin!!! Bila, cibol??? 😀

    Uuu…See something you like STP? Tell me which one and I’ll tell u her name lah! Hehehe…

    P.S.: Really? Wah…apa tungu lagi? Ewah, apa tunggu lagi? 😉

  6. Mar, I din get to meet you…hukhuk..I dun mind bout Cibol lah since you know..he’s too bz…muahaha…I met Bongkersz at the Longhouse and he asked me whether I saw you (that time my friend and I tgh makan2 at the longhouse…escape from patrolling at the walkway near the stage…hehehe)..wanted so much to meet you but have to get back to work after that!

    Bongkersz, I think you cross everyone’s path! Met you like 3 times on that particular Sat…lol! Near Dewan Lagenda, Iban Longhouse and along the way…errr…along the way lah…hahaha!

    Nah…escape from duty!!! Hehehe…I was at the Iban longhouse the longest time ever before the concert began. If you were there then, probably we crossed paths but didn’t recognize each other? LOL! Nevermind…can meet some other time…like in KK perhaps. 😉

    And bongkersz crossed path with everybody? So lucky…

  7. haha mar, Man-D didn’t escape from duty.. THAT was her duty on that day, patrolling 😛 according to Ladybird – we Sabahan we known to be strict while on duty, a compliment duty-wise and yet must be the team members hated most by the public haha … those locals must’ve thought that we’re “sombong” for not speaking in the local dialect but in English instead… little did they know that we couldn’t understand a word of what they said! HAHA

    Hated by the public? Really ah? Do tell…hehehe! 😉
    Itulah ko…inda mau belajar dulu sama sa dan si lola sblm start duty…kekeke!!!

  8. I find the piece of paper the most interesting of all… Tell, me, was on ??

    Anyway, your the first of many which says the performance was downhill.. hehehe..

    It was about NCR land…definitely interesting as you can read from the pic. 🙂
    Yeah, I heard the performance was better on the 3rd day…eventhough the performance could be better on the 2nd day, it was still worth it to be there…YOU really should go to the RWMF AT LEAST once! 😉

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  10. hahahah now I know.. last time I went to Miri, there was no need to learn the local dialect 😛 so cutelah that photo of lola with her face all red!

    huih.. kaki “butul” kamurang semua ni.. berabis minum tuak sampai duduk bersila… hehehhe

    Bersila? Who who? 😉
    Not kaki “butul”…just one of those days…hehehe

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