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Sorry for the lack of updates. Swamped with work and down with the bug. *sniffles sniffles* *cough cough* And I’ve yet to get the pics from last weekend’s escapade…by next post hopefully. 🙂


A couple of months ago I wrote about the first Iban band I ever liked (shocking huh?…since I am an Iban myself 😉 ) and a non-Iban reader liked their song “Engka” so much, she requested the lyrics and asked me what the song was all about…

I could have translated it myself but I thought it would be even more better if I could have the band do the honours themsleves. 🙂

So here’s what the song is about (and the lyrics in English!) provided by Mac, lead vocalist of Ethnic Transmissions himself. Thanks Mac! 😉

So, enjoy folks…and remember, you read the explanation and got the English translation provided by Mac on Perfect Imperfections! If you decide to reproduce the lyrics below elsewhere, just link it back here okay? The least you can do is acknowledge that Mac was so kind to provide us with them. 😀

Mac says:

Ok the song tells abt a Moment of conteplation of a guy who was dumped by his girlfriend for no clear reason & he is goin through all the possible reasons. At the same time, coming to terms that perhaps they were just not meant to be.  

engka by you.
There you go, the lyrics & translation. Thanks again for you support marg. We appreciate it alot 🙂
Mac ET

P.S. Mac, you know I’m all in! Looking forward to the second album. 🙂


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  1. very nice & soul…. mula2 aku & my band ninga lagu tuk, introduce by my one band member, it was very very great.
    keep up the good work…….

    Welcome Christy! Come again ya… 😀
    And YES,Keep up the good work ET! Mac, are you listening? 😉

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