I am back from my Philippines trip and BOY do I have lotsa stories to share with you!!!

But I can’t do so just yet cos I haven’t gotten hold of the pics (and a post with no pics is not as fun) so guess you guys will have to wait a lil while longer ya… 🙂

In the meantime, here’s a “trailer” for the upcoming posts:

6 friends get together for a trip.

They stay in a gay area.

Where people think they are locals.

And there are a lot of gay bars.

One, possibly gay guy, takes a liking to at least 1 of the 6.

The 6 travel across the land and sea and end up on horseback at an ACTIVE volcano.

The 6 very nearly didn’t get back!!!

“The Great Pinoy Adventure” – coming soon at a blog post near you! 😉


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