Stands for:-

Single And Desperate

Single And Depressed

Sad And Depressed


Single’s Awareness Day.

(I think I wrote something similar this time last year? Hmm…)

Yup, it’s the 14th of February…

That 1 day in the year when singles are MOST aware that they are just that.


This is not a depressing post (no worries!) ‘cos for me, the date 14th February has never meant anything since I am single on Valentine’s and the other 364 days. So, what’s the difference? 😉


But since being Single on Valentine’s Day is usually seen as a “SAD” thing, I would imagine that (generally):

1) Single GIRLS would do anything to get into a relationship before that day as that would mean they wouldn’t be Single on V-Day…and of course, it is expected that their beau (even though for 1 day) will pamper them with lots of TLC on that day.

2) Single GUYS would do anything to NOT get into a relationship before that day thus they won’t need to splurge on flowers, gifts, chocolates and romantic dinners etc. They would probably prefer to “make a move” on a girl soonest the day after V-Day…that way, if the relationship doesn’t work out later, they won’t lose much and if it does work, then the next V-Day will be a double celebration. Win-Win.

But existing couples (on the verge of breaking up) might have their own dilemma:

3) COUPLES going through a difficult time would try their hardest to make peace, even if it is for old time’s sake. Who cares if the day after V-Day they should continue to bite each other’s heads off or go separate ways? But NO ONE would want to be reminded of a fight or a break-up every time Valentine’s Day comes around.

But that’s just my imagination… 🙂

But I do believe that Valentine’s Day is over-rated and commercialised (as is every other “event-day”)…so for the record, if I ever get to experience Valentine’s Day…

I want the whole over-rated and commercialised deal ok? LOL! 😀

So to each and everyone of you guys reading this, single or otherwise,



Hugs & Kisses,



5 responses to “S.A.D.

  1. hahaha… Val’s day is overated…

    But, its nice to watch romantic movies on TV.. plus..its nice to have a day to celebrate love, regardless if its for your partner or your family..

    True…but everyday is Valentine’s Day bah…no need all the hype over 1 day. 😉
    How was Hilton? 😀

  2. Haha.. I wrote about S.A.D last year on Valentine’s Day too … being single or not has their own ups and downs … just be grateful that we get to live up to Valentine’s Day and still wakes up the next mornings to come … LOL

    *hugs* Still… Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Mar .. everyday is a valentine’s day when you really care anyway 😉

    Agreed Mel…hope u had a great V-Day and get well soon ya… 🙂

  3. mar… sorry miss this out… this is such a cute post. happy valentines to u… though it has passed, but everyday is v-day right? kekeke…

    Cute? 😉 Yeah…so my V-Day was like any other day…LOL! 😀

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