While the fascination with 10.10.10 got to a lot of people this year…(I had 2 wedding invites on that day)…I always fancied 20.10.2010 more.

No wonder then that 2 fascinating facts were “revealed” to me today…

One of which was…

A close friend (well, maybe not THAT close considering…) got married today! No one knew until we saw pics! It was a nice surprise nonetheless…

@The Registry


I actually ended this post at that but then I realised that Cibol being Cibol deserved more than a few lines…

He was my senior in Uni (indirectly), the only guy to ever sing me a song for my birthday and post it online (that was 3 years ago…) who at that time we’ve only known each other for 2 years…so now it’s been 5 years?! Wow…not to mention, one of my earliest blogger-buddies turned friends, through whom I met bongkersz and got to know suituapui and his merry men (& women) at the Mag + Pat show…ahh…Good Ol’ Days

Oh mahn…now you’ve got me all trip-down-memory lane! :’)

Well, Congrats again to you & your lovely wife! God bless both of you as you embark on this leg of the journey of your lives! :))

P.S. Remember to invite me to the church & reception one lah! >:D


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