Day 3: Exploring Jurong

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 2 before you proceed! 😀


The following took place on Wednesday, 28th October 2009 :-

We took the MRT to Boon Lay station and from the bus terminal there (heck, the bus terminal would shame some airports in our country!), we took the bus to Jurong Bird Park.

And the first thing we did was to check out the Happy Feets at the Penguin Expedition.

We were there during their feeding time and it was amusing to watch these furry-yet-rubbery-clad creatures waddle their way to the guy bringing them buckets loads of fish. It was also amazing to note how different species were fed in turns and in different ways. The taller ones were fed straight to their beaks, should they miss and the fish dropped to the floor, it was gone. They couldn’t bend over to grab it so it’s then food for the shorter ones. And yet another species feed while in the water. The guy will throw a handful of fish into the water and these will waddle into the water and swim to get their meal…interesting huh?

Next we managed to catch the Birds and Buddies Show at the Pools Amphitheatre.

True to its name, it was a parade of all kinds of birds! There were Flamingoes, Parrots, Hornbill, Hawk/Eagle, Pelicans, etc. And it wasn’t just a parade but these birds also performed. There were those who played “basketball” with their beaks, and those that caught stuff thrown in the air etc…but the most enteratining was Amigo, the talking parrot. Not only does he talk, he also sings! In 3 different languages! One very smart bird!

After that we went to the World of Darkness

If you think the owl behind me is freaky, you haven’t seen the owls in the darkness INSIDE! One owl actually turned its head 360 degrees to glare at me when I was standing by it’s enclosure – real freaky!

After escaping the darkness, we used the LRT-like train to the Lory Loft. It is a walk-in enclosure where the lory are allowed to fly and roam freely. Near the entrance there is a counter where visitors can buy bird feed and feed the birds.

It is ALWAYS Lory feeding time here!!!

Noticed the 3 lory on my hand? One was hanging with it’s claws digging into my fingers! And yet a fourth was in mid-air, about to land (love how the camera caught that!)…now check out the lady with the camera behind me. She actually snapped a good number of pics of the birds. I should have charged her for being the “hand-model”! LOL.

From the Loft we took the train to the African Waterfall Aviary, which was the tallest manmade waterfall.

(Sorry, no pics at the waterfall itself handy at the moment haha)

Oh, btw, if you never knew how the word “Lovebirds” came about to describe “couples”…check this out:

Cool huh? 🙂

Anyways, before leaving the Bird Park, we grabbed a bite at Bongo Burgers

NICE!!! Thick hand-made burger patty!

After Jurong Bird Park, we headed back to the terminal and from there took another bus to…

SNOWCITY!!! Here we actually went snow-tubing (is that the term?) on an artificially-made snowy hill in a huge refrigerated hall, kinda like a big walk-in freezer! You can bet we were laughing all the way down as our ride (just a piece of tyre each) slushed down the slippery slope. And IT WAS FREEZING!!! In the 2 hour’s we were there we had to go out several times to regulate our body temp. LOL.

Then we took a bus to the Science Discovery Centre (where we checked out the ultra cool science-experiments & exhibits there) and Science Centre Singapore (we tried the Omni-Theatre, where the movie was projected on the dome-shaped curved walls, making you feel like part of the movie!)

After that we went back to our hotel, quickly freshened up and then took a cab to…


It was a full house, and I noticed that the clubbing crowd was pretty young…

People hung around the bar, people dancing on the dance floor – the “regulars” by the looks of them, even led the rest on some dance routine to the house music…too bad they don’t have live band…

But you know what I enjoyed most with Zouk?

WE GOT IN FREE! AND had a free drink each! 😀

It might not be a Zouk-Out but a Zouk-In was pretty cool too! 😀

(To be continued…)

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