Borneo 2.0 hits Brunei!

I was ecstatic when I got an email from Sarawak Bloggers that Borneo 2.0: Startup and Social Media Un-conference will be happening this coming 21st October 2011 – in Brunei!

Being a Sarawak Bloggers member, I had been hoping and waiting for a blogger’s event to happen somewhere geographically possible for me to physically attend and FINALLY I CAN since I’m already right here! 😀

Even more ecstatic when I heard it will be hosted by @ranoadidas, @bruneitweet and @emmagoodegg and organized by Asia Inc Forum in partnership with TelBru.

And as a Sarawak Bloggers member, I get to join the event for FREE!!

With all the above factors combined, how could I pass up such an opportunity?!

So yes people, see you guys there!!! 😀

P.S. Dear Organizers, if you need any help, there’s an extra pair of hands here. 🙂


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