2011 Recap

2 more days left before we greet 2012.

What did you think of 2011? What do you hope for 2012?

For me, 2011 has been an unimaginable year (in a good way, mostly =p)


In 2011, I finally lived a dream – to TRAVEL THE WORLD! (well, maybe not the whole world but quite a significant part of it I think hehe)

Went to Bali, Indonesia (free airtixs & hotel accomdation!)

& a stopover in KL (free accomodation in Genting! =p)

Went to Singapore (free airtixs & hotel accomodation & Universal Studios Singapore tixs!) for the Company Trip

Went to EUROPE!!! – a dream of mine for 20 odd years! *tears of joy & unbelief*

I was in :-

1. Spain – Barcelona, Madrid & lovely Segovia!

2. France

It has always been my dream to be at the Eiffel Tower!

And The Louvre!

3. England




Now as I’m writing this, I remember how blessed I was in 2011 =)))

In 2011, I made new friends (hahaha, sounds more like something a small child would list of as an accomplishment but..) I am listing this as a highlight because it’s in 2011 that I made the most friends ever! Best thing is, while I was also very glad to have made many many friends in Brunei especially big guns (with humble hearts! =D) , I now have friends from other parts of the world whose culture & even languages are so different that mine – now my FB timeline is littered with status updates in Spanish, Portuguese and even Chichewa – the language my Malawi friends use. =))

And I joined an Amazing Race!!! Maybe not the one in TV, but close hehe and in Brunei LOL!

My teammates came all the way from Malaysia too! 😉

And to top that of, MORE friends came and visited too!!! =))))

Which reminds me, I also went back to Malaysia earlier this year for a Reunion as well!

Yeah…I guess 2011 has been a good year afterall (inspite of many heartaches & setbacks along the way…)

 So what do I hope for 2012?

Good friends at work maybe?

My 2 close friends at work – now my ex-colleagues =(

And while making new friends, not to lose too many existing ones?

In summary…

I hope & pray that it will be as blessed as 2011 was… =D


& HAPPY 2012 TO YOU!!!!!


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