Marching In – and in the paper to boot!

Blinked once, blinked twice…and where do we find ourselves?

Entering the 3rd month of the year; in the end of the 1st quarter of 2012.

While last month was what I would look back on as a good month for me, especially with notable mentions here and here, I was pleasantly surprised that some of it’s happenings have overflowed into March!

Today I found myself on the local paper! 🙂

Well, actually, my friends saw me on today’s Borneo Bulletin and were quick to inform me…but now everyone’s asking what I won. Haha! Guess that wasn’t included in the news article then? 😉

Well, it all began when SocialDeal Brunei had this ‘Share & Win’ contest on Facebook. Basically, one was supposed to share SocialDeal Brunei’s FB page on their own walls with their own captions and the best captions wins…so I did.

Then I got this in my FB inbox:

Congratulations, you have won from your participation in this week’s ‘Share & Win’ contest, organised by SocialDeal Brunei.

We would like to invite you to a mini prize presentation.

Day/Date: Saturday, 25th February 2012
Time: 2 pm – 4 pm
Venue: 2nd Floor, SocialDeal office, iCentre Building, Berakas

Your attendance is much appreciated.

Best regards,
SocialDeal BruneiTeam

To be fair, I wasn’t really such a big win & I didn’t even win the grand prize (in fact, there was another person who won the same prize with me – guess we were both second best to the main winner?) so I didn’t really expect to appear in the paper & yet, here I am. LOL. But Thanks once again SocialDeal Brunei & as I said during the prize presentation, “Keep doing what you’re doing!” 😀 Looking forward to more deals & contests (and maybe more?) with you! Kudos on the new home at iCentre too! 🙂

So, technically, while the “winning” itself is part of Feb’s highlights, the photo-in-the-paper is pleasantly an awesome start to what I hope to be a Magnificent March! 😉


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  1. You and luck, has a thing with each other! Last time it was from AirAsia, and now this. LOL! Congrats, Mar! Next, the Standard Chartered run, right? 😀

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