Am I ready?

Oh my legs are sore!

Been “training” after work everyday since Monday for the Run happening this Sunday. Granted, it might not have been so bad if I had started training right after registering for it 4 weeks ago but oh wells, (singing) Regrets…I’ve had a few…

I’ve been doing walk-jog laps around Taman Jubli Perak for the past 3 days, and although my legs are sore, the rest of me is thankful cos honestly, I feel great! As for the Run…

…my goal is just to finish it (as compared to actually winning the cash prize of B$150) and today was my 3rd and final training. Over the next 3 days before the Run, I plan to just rest & hopefully my legs won’t be so sore then.

Well, whether I’m ready or not, here comes the 5km! Yipes! :O

P.S. Can someone please remind me why I’m doing this again?