Running 5K with less than 1 week of training

Only crazy runners wake up at 4.30am with only 2 hours of sleep just to join a Run.

Those were my first thoughts when I groggily got out of bed last Sunday – with a headache ‘cos of the lack of sleep.

It was the day of the SCB Half Marathon.

My run-buddy arrived to pick me earlier than the agreed 5am so I was rushing like mad, only managing to have a mug of oat & packed a cheese sandwich to go (which took me forever to finish too as my stomach wasn’t used to such an early breakfast).

Saw 2 runners near us: Sleepy? Bored?

To be fair, the Run itself only started 6am onwards but we had to get to the stadium earlier as roads were closed at 5.30.

Soon after we arrived, Royalty arrived:

The Crown Princess also joined the Run! Cool. 🙂

There was a warm-up session done by GetFit CrossFit before the half-marathon category (21km) flagged off at 6am.

After the 21km runners took off, the rest of us had our “warm-up” session – it was only a few minutes though so I had to do my own warm-up afterwards.

Did I mention I had less than 1 week of training?

The day was getting brighter…

We were just waiting for our turn to hit the asphalt…

These are the 10km, getting ready to flag off at 6.30am:

Us (5km) were to be flagged off at 6.45am.

Drinks station before heading to the Starting Point

I love how my Italian hat was of the same colour theme as my Run shirt & shoes!

And look who cheered us at the starting line!

Mickey wasn’t running yet, which only meant he was joining the 2.5km at 7am.

Soon, we found ourselves at the Starting Point.

As ready as I’ll ever be! (butterflies in my tummy)

The guy in brown is the Minister at the Culture, Youth & Sports – he’s the one that flagged us off.

There was also a band on our right to send us off!

Watch us take off!

1km mark

Look at the sea of blue!

2km mark. As you can see, people are more spread out now, not to mention less running. LOL!

Where is the 3km mark?!

Unfortunately, our route was only marked until 2km and then we were left on our own.

But that didn’t mean I had less to take in. On the contrary, that’s when all the colourful characters appeared:

Look who I saw at the 4km mark! : Mickey, Cow & Glitter Girl(?) – the latter 2 won the Fancy Dress competition btw

Drinks Station! Downed 2 cups of refreshing cool water before continuing

Baby in stroller

A family of walking newspaper billboards

And before I knew it, I saw this in the distance:

Finishing Point!!!

I sprinted all the way and right before crossing the finishing line, stopped to take this:

I finished 5km!

And you know what?

I finished it in 45mins! 😀

Not bad for a 5km first-timer I think (my target was to finish within 40-50mins so I was quite pleased)

And more importantly – I completed the Run!

Winning smiles: Me and some friends who joined the Run

Now he’s a ridiculously photogenic guy dontcha think? 😉

After the Run, we went to collect our much deserved reward:

A bottle of water each! 😉

People taking their belongings back from the baggage storage area

And then, it was siesta time while waiting for everyone to finish the Run

I must admit (and if you had read my previous post, you’d know) coming into the Run was somewhat intimidating for me, but I came out of it feeling like a winner.

An awesome feeling is the only way I can describe it.

Drumline performance while we wait

Check it out:

Soon it was time for the Prize Giving Ceremony & Lucky Draws, but before that:

The MCs of the day had everyone do the Mexican Wave!

Here’s one of our lucky draw ticket:

We weren’t lucky though hehe

But guess what we found when we returned to the car?


A week before the Run, a friend told me that the whole Running thing is addictive and told me that it might actually become a passion of mine. Certainly not! I scoffed.

But you know what?

Now I’m actually considering this:

Yet ANOTHER Run thingy

I am, however, just planning to walk.

But, as the same friend pointed out before (and this is my personal motivation to run):

No matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch! 😉

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