Whatsapp check marks: Good or Bad?

I love whatsapp.

My mobile communication life has greatly improved since I had it a few years ago:

I no longer need to make expensive calls (was never really a talker anyway) unless it’s an emergency.

I no longer need to send short messages (SMS) via the mobile network operator. Those were expensive, and oh-so-limited to just text *gasps* while smileys were restricted to colons and brackets like this -> : ) …unless you send a multimedia message (MMS) which is even more expensive! Gosh.

I was among the first of my group of friends to have whatsapp and proudly introduced it to some of them – “we can message for free* now!” *Free in comparison to the expensive & limited SMS/MMS options then.

So yes I love whatsapp!

The check marks however, is a different story.

In case you’re not familiar with whatsapp, here’s how the check marks work:

When you send a message and it is delivered to the server: 1 check mark (tick) appears beside your message.

When it reaches the receiver’s device: Another tick appears, totalling 2 ticks. However, just because it has reached the receiver’s device it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been read (you can receive a message and not open in for hours..days..etc). This has led to many a confusion about messages thought to have been read and ignored (when they were probably only delivered but yet to be read).

Well, I have good news for you! Or maybe not so good news?!

Whatsapp now has coloured ticks to show that a message has been read!

Read about how it works here:


Basically, if the 2 ticks mentioned above change from grey to blue – the message has been “read”.

Now you will know for sure if your message was read (and if it was ignored).

Now you will know for sure if you message was read (and if it was ignored).

Yeah…why do I forsee a problem with this? Sometimes it’s good to NOT know “for sure” about something…

Similar to the “last seen” status, I think this “read” ticks really just promotes stalking. There I said it! Honestly, I’ve had less to worry about when I can’t see when people were “last seen” and vice versa. If only I could not see when they were “online” or “typing..” either but I don’t think that’s an option. :/

I hope there’s an option to disable this “read” ticks. If you find out how, let me know.

Until then, enjoy stalking! I mean whatsapping! 😉


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