Sada Borneo – The Sound of Borneo

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I was a photographer for one event in USM when I first saw Hallan performed with his Sape’. Being the only Kenyah in USM that time (I think), I was over the moon, hearing the beautiful tune he played that reminds me of my long house, my origin. After Jerry Kamit’s performance the year before, his performance was one of many that I remember well. Years gone by, I graduated and then I heard he’s got a band – Sada Borneo.

Photo by Sada Borneophoto by Sada Borneo

When I first saw this band, they remind me of a K-pop band, because of their numbers – 11 members. It got me thinking, what musical instrument will each member play? But the similarity stops at the members number. Their music concept are totally different. Even different from other musicians or artists we have here in Malaysia. For me, this is something interesting and…

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