Look! It’s Mariah Carey!

Mariah Carey The Elusive Chanteuse Show Tour In Malaysia 2014 Picture

She has a video for her fans! Check out what she has to say by clicking here.

Are you excited??? 😉


Happy Malaysia Day! – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Wishes 'Happy Malaysia Day' Message

Mariah Carey, wishes Malaysia “‘Happy Malaysia Day! Stay strong! See you in Kuala Lumpur on 22 October ‘ XoXo Mariah Carey”.

The best selling female singer of all time will hit our shores next month, bringing her tour entitled Mariah Carey ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’ Tour In Malaysia 2014 on 22nd October at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur at 8pm. Apparently Mariah’s Malaysian fans told her about our National Day and the thoughtful Diva took the opportunity to wish her much missed fans in Malaysia where she performed to a 20,000 crowd in 2004 which Mariah said was one of the best shows as the heat of the night unexpectedly gave her better vocal performance on stage.

Mariah Carey “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” Tour In Malaysia 2014 is organized by IME Productions and supported by Malaysia Major Events, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia. “We are excited to have Mariah Carey to perform here in Malaysia in October. Mariah’s live concert in Malaysia 2014 is a wonderful way to bring people together and we are very proud to be able to support it. Such event will further complement arrivals for Visit Malaysia Year, especially from the fans from the region and it also complements Malaysia’s position as a favourite destination for live entertainment in South East Asia. This event is expected to bring in approximately 3,000 fans from across the region with an estimated tourist spend of over RM15 million. Malaysia Major Events is glad to reward fans with this priceless opportunity to meet their favourite idol and hear to her sing their favourite songs.” said Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager, Malaysia Major Events.

The ticket prices are categorised into VVIP RM680 (number seat), RM580 (number seat), RM480 (number seat), RM380 (number seat), RM280 (free seating) and RM120 (free seating). Online tickets purchase are through official ticketing agency website http://www.ticketcharge.com.my or call for TicketCharge hotline +603 92228811 or IME Productions hotline +603 21666166 for ticket and concert information.

For more information, please log on to IME Facebook http://www.facebook.com/imepmy or TicketCharge website http://www.ticketcharge.com.my

Mariah Carey – LIVE in Malaysia!!!

Now here’s an iconic artiste that needs no introduction.

‘Always Be My Baby’ is my personal all-time favourite song of hers – and now she is coming to Malaysia!!!

Mariah Carey The Elusive Chanteuse Show Tour In Malaysia 2014 Picture

After 10 years, Mariah Carey is back for “The Elusive Chanteuse” Tour In Malaysia 2014 organized by IME Productions and supported by Malaysia Major Events, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. Malaysia will be kicking it off on 22nd October 2014 at 8pm at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. Just a flight away for Brunei fans!

It is no small feat to bring this diva all the way here and Mariah’s concert in Kuala Lumpur is expected to draw a huge international attention. With tickets ranging from BND40 to BND280, it’s very much possible to catch her in Kuala Lumpur and grab an opportunity visiting attractions of Malaysia while staying in the country! The ticket prices are categorised into VVIP RM680 (number seat), RM580 (number seat), RM480 (number seat), RM380 (number seat), RM280 (free seating) and RM120 (free seating). Online tickets purchase are through official ticketing agency website www.ticketcharge.com.my or call for TicketCharge hotline +603 92228811 or IME Productions hotline +603 21666166 for ticket and concert information.

Some highlights on the best-selling female artiste (singer, songwriter and producer) of all time:

  • more than 250 million albums sold to date
  • eighteen Billboard #1 singles (seventeen self-penned) including ‘Fantasy’, ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘Hero’, ‘Touch My Body’, ‘One Sweet Day’, ‘Without You’, ‘We Belong Together’ and the global smash hit Christmas single ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’
  • five Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard’s “Artist of the Decade” Award, the World Music Award for “World’s Best Selling Female Artiste of the Millennium,” and BMI’s “Icon Award” to name a few.

With her distinct five-octave vocal range, prolific song writing, and producing talent, Mariah has defined the modern pop performance and fans can anticipate some mesmerising great time as the unparalleled American songstress showers her love, greatest hits and remarkable new singles to millions of people who have adored her widely acclaimed songs.

For more information, please log on to IME Facebook http://www.facebook.com/imepmy or TicketCharge website www.ticketcharge.com.my

Journey to the 2014 World Cup

Four years ago, I didn’t have a favourite team to support. But by the end of that journey, I had fallen in love with how a few teams played – 2 of them were Germany and Netherlands. Especially Germany. Did you remember how they did in South Africa? AWESOME! And they got third place.

So understandably, I came into this year’s Cup consciously supporting Germany.


And they sure didn’t dissapoint did they?! 😀

They are now in the brink of winning the Cup in a few hours! Against Argentina.


Regardless what happens in the Finals, they’re pretty much guaranteed my support for the next four years and beyond. 🙂 #GoGermany #worldcup2014

But before that, let’s recap this amazingly-unpredictable journey this year!

It began on 13 June (exactly a month ago)…32 nations…



And the very first match was Brazil (host) vs Croatia.

The host won…


But penalties and an own goal…I wasn’t convinced.


And the first shocker this World Cup:

Spain (the champion 4 years ago in South Africa) lost. BADLY. 5-1!



I expected a tight match between defending-title holders and a strong team like Netherlands but that was not the case.




And then it was England & Italy’s turn…



And Japan to play first representing Asia!



And then Argentina & Bosnia-Herzegovina



And then the match I was looking forward to – Germany’s first group match.


Easy win againt Portugal (who supposedly had the world’s best player???) who were having an off-day.

Next Asian rep, Korea!




Korea vs Russia…and Brazil still not convincing against Belgium. Hhmm…

Then came the next group match for Netherlands.


Again, an impressive game by Oranje…and again, a shocking performance by Spain.



Also an “ugly” sight in football – headbutting – especially against your own teammate. WTH?

But there were already pretty interesting things noted from the matches thus far:


And a famous doppelganger!

Haaaaaave you met Ted?


How I Met Your Mother’s Ted Mosby has a doppelganger – and his name is Mexico’s goalkeeper Ochoa!

And he’s an excellent goalkeeper too!


Japan tied with Greece in their next group match…



And Costa Rica makes it into the Knockout Stages! Against Italy.


The Swiss vs France match was inspiring…




And apart from doppelgangers, there were half-brothers too!


Iran was impressive…

Asmir Begovic BHZkeeper

Iran’s goalkeeper Amir Begovic


But Argentina moves on to the Knockout Stages.


Ghana was impressive too against Germany but of course, Germany won.

And Portugal…again, disappointing.



And then, when you thought headbutts were ugly, there came a man named Luis Suarez (Uruguay)


25-1 26-1

Yup. He totally clouded the achievement of Uruguay going into the Knockout Stages.

And whilst Germany & USA book their spot in the Knockout Stages, Portugal (obviously) & Ghana was heading home…



And then there were 16…





It’s 1 chance or go home now and 16 remaining nations fought for their spot in the Semi-finals.

The host Brazil was the first in after beating Chile in a penalty shoot-out, joined by Colombia with Uruguay leaving to join their teammate Luis Suarez back home.


I just really don’t like penalty shoot-outs!

And the Argentina vs Switzerland match was meme-convenient hehe:






Mexico & Ochoa had to leave…after a last minute goal by Oranje.



And Germany make it through against Algeria – albeit it took longer than expected.


And then, there were 8…




Germany again made it through against France. Woohoo!



And something funny during that match too…


(Find out later that somehow Mueller is related to Malaysia. I have no comment.)

Next, Brazil books the Semi against Germany…but without 2 important people:


Neymar & Silva would not be playing…to catastrophic results against Germany! (But I’m getting slighted ahead of myself)

And Netherlands vs Costa Rica wasn’t as straight forward as most (including me) thought!


But a Krul-fate befell the Costa Ricans and Netherlands live to fight another day!

And then, there were 4…




When Netherlands defeated Spain 5-1 was shocking. Who ever thought there was a match that would be even more shocking?! And at a Semi-Final at that!


Germany went on to defeat Brazil (host) 7-1!!!


And Klose broke the world record too:




Germany impresses on and off the field.

And while the first semi-final was over by 20+mins…the second one between Netherlands and Argentina went completely the other extreme – to a penalty shoot-out!


And this time, Luck ran out for the Dutch… 😦




So yup, it would be a Germany vs Argentina Final!!!

I had hoped it would be Germany vs Netherlands cos they’re my 2 favourite teams but I guess at least now I don’t have the dilemma of which team to support.

10462824_941388545876993_5223651158570207138_n (1)

Or do I???


Say what now? LOL!

But actually no, there was never a doubt of which team I supported. Even if they had played against Netherlands, Germany is still #1 for me. 😀

Finals happening in a few hours!!! *excited*

Meanwhile earlier this morning…



Netherlands secures 3rd place defeating Brazil…this time with Silva.

Not as shocking…but I do pity Brazil as host.

But yes, it all comes down to the Finals tonight/early tomorrow morning!!! #GoGermany

And signing off…This is me the whole month:


But TOTALLY worth it. 😉

The Planet EUPE Music Fest

What does one of Asia’s most recognised and popular artistes Mandopop star Wang Lee Hom, Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna, popular South Korean K-Pop boy band U-KISS, Taiwanese electro-pop sensation Jeannie Hsieh and other Malaysian artistes, Orange Tan, Najwa Latif, Da.Mon.Ster, Kah Jun and Mint G have in common?


They are all waiting to see YOU at The Planet EUPE Music Fest on March 1!

Showcasing some of the biggest and best music acts from around Asia as well as Malaysia, the event is set to take place at Eupe’s Carnivall Water Park, located within the Cinta Sayang Resort in Sungai Petani, Kedah in Malaysia from 6pm onwards, putting Kedah on the map from a major event perspective!

The Planet EUPE Music Fest will also feature the final to choose Malaysia’s entrant for the 2014 Hip Hop International Dance Championship which will be held in Las Vegas, USA.

The music fest organizer, Eupe Corporation Berhad’s Managing Director, Dato’ Beh Huck Lee, said the event was a major effort by the company to kick-start recognition of Kedah as a venue for world-class entertainment and cultural acts. Dato’ Beh said the main objective of the concert was to say thank you to the people of Kedah for their support of the company – one of the largest township developers in northern Malaysia – for the past 27 years. “In the process we want people everywhere to know that one of the country’s fastest-growing areas is capable of attracting and hosting world-class talent,” Dato’ Beh said. “Kedah has been traditionally bypassed by international acts and events. We want to help change that.”

There are four ticket categories – RM90 (free standing), RM190 (free standing), RM290 (numbered seat) and RM390 (numbered seat). Tickets can be purchased in person at the Cinta Sayang Resort and are also available via TicketCharge and its authorized outlets.

To-and-fro free shuttle bus service will be provided from several stops in Penang to the fest venue, Cinta Sayang Resort, Sungai Petani, Kedah. More information on free shuttle bus service will be announced on its Facebook event page at www.facebook.com/PlanetEUPE

For more information about the Planet EUPE Music Fest, log on to www.ticketcharge.com.my or contact TicketCharge at +603-9222 8811 or +604-645 9811 or visit www.PlanetEUPE.com and www.facebook.com/PlanetEUPE. The WonderLand+ is the event management for the Planet EUPE Music Fest.


The day finally arrived – The Linkin Park ‘Living Things’ World Tour Live In Malaysia 2013!

Ticket in hand, we made our way to the venue at Bukit Jalil National Stadium – along with the other 20,000 people who came for the Concert (including 5,000 overseas fans)!


(Clockwise L-R: Ticket, me & my +1, queue in the rain at the gate, merchandise stalls)

It was drizzling that evening but that didn’t dampen the fans’ spirits, rather it was a chance to display the different rainy-day wear. Fancied a poncho? They were conveniently sold at the stadium compounds! (So were food and of course, Linkin Park merchandises like Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, souvenir passes etc).

The gates were opened at 7pm, at which everyone RAN to get the BEST spot in their respective zones. We had the Rock Zone & the run paid off as we were able to get a pretty good view of the Stage.


View from the Rock Zone

The fans eagerly awaited the Band’s appearance and at 8pm, they took to the Stage!

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Comprising co-lead vocalist, Chester Bennington, drummer/percussionist, Rob Bourdon, guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell, DJ and programmer Joe Hahn and Mike Shinoda, co-lead vocals, keyboards, guitar, the award-winning, multi-platinum alternative rock band, Linkin Park was exclusively touring Malaysia in this part of the SEA region as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore was not included in the tour!

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Check out their Opening!


[Official photos c/o Organizers]

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

They thoroughly fullfilled the yearnings of the fans since they last came to Malaysia ten years ago, performing their all-time-bests like –

Breaking The Habit


What I’ve Done

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

“We missed you guys” said Chester Bennington – which was reciprocated with screams from the adoring fans, followed by their next song:-

New Divide

(Check out these excerpts: Papercut, With You, Somewhere I Belong, Catalyst, Points of Authority, Waiting For The End, One Step Closer)

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

Mike Shinoda thrilled the fans with a Thank You message before they performed the much-loved track in their newest album “Living Things” –

Castle of Glass

Others from the “Living Things” album included VictimizedLies Greed Misery (click for excerpts) and:

Lost In The Echo

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

I personally loved their superbly awesome medley:

Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

They literally “burn it down” with their FINALE!

Burn It Down/In The End/Bleed It Out

With 2 hours of solid Linkin Park awesomeness, it was indeed an unforgettable Concert for the fans. Looking forward for more to come from Linkin Park and hopefully, we shall not have to wait another 10 years for them to come back to our shores.

[Official photos c/o Organizers]

A BIG Thanks to the Organizers, The WonderLand+, for bringing the band back and for the opportunity to watch them LIVE! As well as for the official photos.

To end, here’s one of my own:

Chester & Mike waves to the fans

For more photos, check out my album and drop by my youtube channel for all the videos.