How I accidentally climbed a Mountain

Yes, you read that right.

How can one accidentally climb a mountain? Well, let me tell you!

I was in Kuching for the Sacerdotal (Priestly) Ordination of a friend, Rev. Fr. Galvin, over the weekend. We used to go to the same University, were of the same intake and was part of the same community, called Young Catholic Undergraduates (YCU), so of course, his Big Day (Ordination to the Priesthood) was bound to be a reunion of old friends.

IMG20170923090355But on the day after the Ordination, some friends suggested we head up to the Catholic Memorial Pilgrimage Centre (CMPC), located at the Slope of Mount Singai, Kampung Tajong Singai, Bau. It is a venue for the Catholic Community to organise retreats, training and religious related events. CMPC was an integral part of our group of friends as we would go up to CMPC at least once a year back in the day. Some of them still do even now, but the last time I went up was 10 years ago, so of course, I agreed to join them.

The Ordination was all I packed for this trip (read: ill-equipped),  but since it was plank-walks and staircases all the way up to CMPC, I wasn’t particularly concerned. Everyone insisted I not use my ladies’ sandals though so I took up Nico’s offer to wear his crocs sandals instead, sans socks. And up we went…

As I recall, going up to CMPC had always been quite a challenge – even back in the day – as some parts were pretty steep. For those who have not been to CMPC, there are Stations of the Cross along the way up that also double as rest-stops. I have gone up without any stops years ago and I have gone up by stopping and praying at each Station as well. But I have never had my knees feel like jelly, which was what happened this time (the difference 10 years make). Lest my knees fully give up on me, I had to stop at almost each Station after the first five, but I still made it up, Thank God.

But that’s where things started to get really interesting.

After a brief picnic (we brought some food with us) at CMPC, Nico suggested, “Hey, shall we go to the top (of Mount Singai)?”


A jungle path leading to the top of Mount Singai is located just beside the Longhouse.

There were 6 of us in the group – 2 (Syl and Nick) have been to the top before whilst the rest of us (Nico, Ted, Edwin and myself) have not. Prior to this, I never knew it was even possible to go to the top. Needless to say, in excitement, it was a unanimous YES from all of us, although I was starting to feel concerned. I mean, having only brought dresses, dress shoes and a handbag for the weekend (and jeans, tshirts and ladies’ sandals for “casual wear”), I was in no way equipped for climbing a mountain!

“It’s not that high,” said Syl, who had been up a few times.

“How many minutes or hours is “not that high”?” I asked.

“Depends. Some parts are quite steep.”


And so we started… There was also a group of foreign students from a local private university that coincidentally started their ascend the same time.

IMG-20170923-WA0011My knees were fine during the climb. I wish I could say the same for my feet. Wearing crocs (sans socks!), my feet was starting to blister. And my hands as well, from the rope we use to pull ourselves up along the steeper parts… My handbag – that was just an inconvenience. I was just thankful I could sling it across my shoulder.


After a considerable amount of time and climbing a steep part, I asked Syl, “This is the steep part you mentioned?”

“There’s more.”

Internal gasp.

“It’s still a long way up.”

Internal sigh.

We continued our ascend. The group of students earlier had started to split up as some were faster than the others. At one point, our group of 6 became 4 as Nick and Edwin were left behind. When Nick rejoined us, he reported that Edwin could not go up any farther and would just wait for us where he was. And so were 5…


But one steep slope after another, it became 3 – 2 as Syl, Nico and Ted went up faster, leaving behind myself and Nick who was kind enough to keep me company. My feet was really uncomfortable but there was nowhere to go but up. Fellow climbers (a few from the student group and others) were also taking their own pace (some above us, some below) and Nick would be cheering us all to continue: “Almost there!” “You can do it!” “I can see the sun!” “5 more steps!” “5 more minutes!”

In reality, we were nowhere near the top yet.

Small talks with fellow climbers along the way was interesting though. It made the climb more bearable.

One of the students exclaimed (dramatically): “Someone should make a documentary of me, before I die!” as he huffed and puffed up a steep slope.

Another climber retorted to Nick’s “5 more minutes!” cheer with a “That’s what you said 5 minutes ago!!!” and to his “I can see the sun!”, “I can see the sun from my room, man!”

Funny exchanges happen when people are exhausted. Hahaha.

I passed a climber who was taking a break on the way up.

“As you can see, I am in no way prepared for this climb.” I said, as I motioned to what I was wearing.

“Neither am I”, he agreed. “Just got back from the club and my mate was like, ‘Hey let’s go for a climb!'”

“Doesn’t sound like a great idea now does it?” I quipped.

“No! And I’m tipsy to boot!” he exclaimed.

I chuckled as I considered the next slope…

There were also a few climbers who were on their way down as well and passed us by. I was tempted to ask them how much further we had to reach the top but decided not to, for fear they would say it was still a long way to go.

The most interesting thing that happened on the way up was when one of those on the way down locked eyes with mine as I climbed up a steep slope. It was a familiar face that I had not seen for almost 10 years.

“Fancy bumping into you here!” both Kevin and I agreed. We had a brief catch up as his group was catching up and Nick helped take a photo of us.


Turned out Nick in turn, knew one of Kevin’s friends.

“I’m with him,” she said, pointing at Kevin.

“I’m with her,” Nick pointed at me.

“So is it still far up to the top?” Nick asked her.

“I turn back halfway,” she replied.

My heart stopped beating for a second. We’re not even HALFWAY up???

Fortunately, she laughed and continued, “I finished already lah. It’s not much further…”

My heart started beating again.

After what seemed like ages and after I don’t know how many “5 steps” and “5 minutes” later, we finally reached the top!!!

Was the view worth it?

Actually, I don’t know.

It was hazy and we couldn’t really see much.

But considering how ill-equipped I was and I reached the top anyways (and it was my first mountain!), I was really pleased.

And that my friend, was how I accidentally climbed a Mountain!


At the top of Mount Singai, 562 metres above sea-level

For the record, it took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to reach the top – not bad for an ill-equipped first-timer hahaha!


Dedicated To Sada Borneo (AGT19)

My dearest Sada Borneo,

You dedicated the Semi-Finals to us – to Malaysia and all who supported you from all over Asia.

The composition we brought tonight is called ‘Dedicated To You’. It was composed to express our gratitude to our families and friends who had always been there for us through thick and thin, without whom we would not be who we are today.

‘Dedicated To You’ was composed right after the self-titled piece that got us 4 YESes at the Asia’s Got Talent Judges’ Audition and the first time we performed it was during Malam Bumi Kenyalang 2014 (Sarawak Cultural Night 2014) in our university.

Touched by the amazing support we received through social media from everyone around the world during Asia’s Got Talent, what better way is there for us to thank each and everyone of you for your support and encouragement but through our language which is music. So truly, the Semi-Finals is dedicated to you.

‪#‎sadaborneo‬ ‪#‎asiasgottalent‬ ‪#‎keepourlegacy

– From Sada Borneo’s Facebook Page

Now I dedicate this post to you.

Nothing could have prepared you for the journey that awaited you when you decided to audition for Asia’s Got Talent (AGT).

Before the Judges’ Audition a month ago, most of Malaysia had not heard about you.

Sada Borneo @ Judges Audition (AGT)

Now, not only Malaysia but Asia and the whole world knows about you. More than that, they fell head over heels in love with you!

But did they love the REAL Sada Borneo or who they thought/wanted you to be?

David Foster, at the Judges’ Audition, already said he “didn’t like” the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar in the mix but he “loved loved loved” the traditional part of it.

Therein lies the “dilemma”…

From Sada Borneo’s website:

The unique thing about our band is that we are using traditional music instruments like sape, bungkau, kompang, seruling…. basically any instruments we can get, and then combining them with modern instruments like keyboard, bass and guitar, while infusing nature elements (rain, birds etc) to make music.

We are trying something new by combining modern western music and traditional Malaysian music. We hope that we can show the beauty of Malaysia through music.

Do you change who you are to be loved? Or do you remain true to yourselves?

Click here to watch Astro Awani’s interview with Sada Borneo before the Semi-Finals

Sada Borneo @ Semi-Finals (AGT)

David wanted you to be more “traditional” – but that is not the REAL Sada Borneo.

Van Ness said it perfectly: “You stayed true to who you are” and Anggun was inspired to do a World Music album by listening to your music!

From Sada Borneo’s website:


  • To show the beauty of Malaysia through music.

  • To attract the youth of Malaysia to appreciate Malaysian traditional music.

  • To expand Malaysian traditional music to international level

  • To perform in international music festivals such as the Rainforest Music Festival in Sarawak, Penang World Music festival in Penang etc.

The facts remain:

1. You were the only act from Malaysia that made it to the Semi-Finals – shortlisted along with 23 other acts from other countries out of the thousands that auditioned – you did show the beauty of Malaysia through your music

2. You have made youths all over Malaysia ask questions and yearn for answers about our traditional music

3. You brought Malaysian traditional music on the international stage through Asia’s Got Talent

4. “World Music” – the exact word Anggun used to describe your music. I am sure the Rainforest World Music Festival and the likes are just around the corner!

So here’s what I say and what I believe others like me feel: We support you for who you are. And to us, whether you go on to the Finals or not, you will always have our support.

Keep on making your kind of music. I am sure there is room for improvement and I look forward to seeing you become the great musicians you are, each and everyone of your 11 members and together as Sada Borneo!

So smile my Sada Boys. You only have one way to go from here – UP!

With love,




VOTE FOR SADA BORNEO! (Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)

There are 3 ways to vote (visit for full instructions)

Method 1 – via SMS(unlimited)

SMS “AGT19″ and send it to your country’s designated short code (For Malaysia, it’s 33200 – for others, click here:

SMS charges apply.

Method 2 – via Facebook (one vote per user per episode)

Just go to this link and vote:

On computer:

On mobile:

Voting on Facebook is free for one vote per user per episode.

IMPORTANT: Each user is entitled to ONE VOTE ONLY (so vote wisely!)

Method 3 – via the official Asia’s Got Talent app(unlimited)

Just download the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and start voting. You can purchase 1, 3, 25 or 100 votes at a click of a button. (WOW!) Read the Terms&Conditions for more information on purchasing votes and voting.

IMPORTANT: You can vote as many times as you want via SMS and the Asia’s Got Talent app but the producers reserve the right (at their sole discretion) to exclude any votes which they feel have been placed to unfairly manipulate the results.

Check out the Voting FAQ section if you have any other doubts:

Will Sada Borneo make it to the Finals and be that much closer to being the first Asia’s Got Talent winner??? ONLY YOU can make it happen!

So vote, vote, vote!

AGT19! Sada Borneo!

(Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)

Sada Borneo (AGT19) brings Malaysia into the Semis!

Sada Borneo‘s performance at the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Judges Audition earned them 4 YESes from all 4 judges –

Sada Borneo @ Judges Audition (AGT)

And now, Sada Borneo made it into the Semi-Finals – the only act from Malaysia shortlisted along with 23 other acts from other countries out of the thousands that auditioned!

Woohoo!!! Malaysia and Borneo represent!

Will they make it to the Finals and be that much closer to being the winners??? YOU can make it happen!

VOTE FOR THEM right after that Semi-Finals episode airs on 30th April 2015. (Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)

There are 3 ways to vote for Sada Borneo (visit for full instructions)

Method 1 – via SMS (unlimited)

SMS “AGT19” and send it to your country’s designated short code (For Malaysia it’s 33200)

SMS charges apply.

Method 2 – via Facebook (one vote per user per episode)

Just go to this link and vote:

On computer:

On mobile:

Voting on Facebook is free for one vote per user per episode.

IMPORTANT: Each user is entitled to one vote per episode (so VOTE WISELY!)

Method 3 – via the official Asia’s Got Talent app (unlimited)

Just download the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and start voting.

You can purchase 1, 3, 25 or 100 votes at a click of a button. (WOW!) Read the Terms&Conditions for more information on purchasing votes and voting.

IMPORTANT: You can vote as many times as you want via SMS and the Asia’s Got Talent app but the producers reserve the right (at their sole discretion) to exclude any votes which they feel have been placed to unfairly manipulate the results.

Check out the Voting FAQ section if you have any other doubts:

We already know Gao Lin & Liu Xin (China), Triqstar (Japan), Gwyneth Dorado (Philippines) & Junior New System (Philippines) have been shortlisted to be part of the Final 9 Acts competing for the coveted title of being the first Asia’s Got Talent winner.

So come on Malaysia (and Borneo!) vote SADA BORNEO to represent us in the FINALS!

The REAL Sada Borneo

Having taken Asia by storm the past week, I’d like you to meet some awesome guys I personally adore who need no further introduction.


With Sada Borneo in Brunei Darussalam (2014)

That’s definitely the case in Malaysia and to some extent, here in Brunei.

With over 11,000 followers on their official-and-verified Facebook page, more than 1.2K on their Instagram and even surpassing One Direction in Malaysia’s Top 100 on iTunes at #23…

…and #81 on Brunei’s Top 100, topping Coldplay!

Here’s 2 words that have been on everyone’s lips:


Their audition video at AXN’s “Asia’s Got Talent” (AGT) went viral after it was aired last week.

Their story has been published in some of Malaysia’s mainstream media in English, Bahasa and Chinese.

Astro Awani also ran a story on them. While Caltex is following their “Journey To Stardom”.

…and social media is abuzz with anything and everything they can find about this band.

Which is why this post is not about what everyone already knows (or think they do) about Sada Borneo (SB), but it is about debunking some SB “facts” which are not exactly correct. Why? Because it’s doing an injustice to them to not be properly written about.

Let’s start with the obvious:

SB Myth#1:

They are a 5-member band.

There were only 5 members at the AGT audition but that’s not the whole gang. There are actually 11 members! Trust me. Otherwise, check it out yourself:

Have you not seen their music video? The whole group is in it – and then some.

Read their Facebook page/website. It is clearly stated there.

And if you’re observant enough, you would have noticed that there’s even another member of theirs in the Caltex advertisement!

SB Myth#2:

They are from Sarawak.

At the audition they clearly said “We’re from Malaysia.”

Everybody keeps asking them where they’re from. If they’d just listen to what they’ve already told us from the start.

SB Myth#3: 

They are new.

Again, they may be new to most but they have been around for a few years now.

And as I was typing this, look what was published on their Facebook page!:

Many people wanted to know more about us… so here it is!

Sada Borneo consist of 11 members, with 5 of us representing the band in Asia’s Got Talent Judges Audition.

We are good friends in university even before this band started. With the same passion for music, we ended up becoming Sada Borneo few years ago.

Our origin? We are from all corners of Malaysia.

We would like to thank all of you guys for the amazing support and encouragement ever since the episode aired in AXN. It is truly heartwarming!

We are proud to represent Malaysia!

For more info, you can refer to our official website by clicking on the link below:

Great minds think alike? Hahaha…

Well said Sada Borneo. Keep it up guys! 😀

Be great! But remain humble. Always.



2012 in review

Happy New Year 2013!!! 😀

8 as is a good date as any to write my first post for 2013, but as usual before things can start, others must end…

Thus here are the milestones of my 2012 (both in the blogging world & off)

At the beginning of 2012, I said I would live in the moment & trust God more and I think 2012 was just that:

I came to a more concrete realisation of my dreams of being a writer (quite unplanned)

By February, my blog was chosen as Blog of the Month and an article of mine appeared in a local (Sarawak) paper. And though not because of my writing (but it was print media so it denotes an honorable mention :P) I also made an appearance in a Brunei local paper.

In April, I applied for a travel writing scholarship and though I did not get that, I did get 2 awesome opportunities (major highlights of my year!) – I had the opportunity to actually cover 2 big-scale events on a media pass!

See me in the press pit? 😉 STILL one of my fave photos of the year!

They were the Borneo Jazz Festival in Miri in May & the Rainforest World Music Festival in Kuching in July – these 2 events encompassed all that I love: music, travel & writing. It was awesome!

Through a series of events, I also sat for a journalist exam with a local paper. If it is to be, I will be called for an interview next. Trust God. 🙂

Living in the moment meant I was up to whatever life presented…which led me to some very interesting things..

In April, I joined a Run & ran 5km – with less than 1 week of training at that! 😉 If future me had told me in January 2012 that I’d be running in 3 months I wouldn’t have believed myself.

On a whim (bought the tixs the night before I flew), I finally went to Kota Kinabalu (prior to this it had always been just passing through) in August & in September, for the first time, I stepped foot in Penang. While the former can be checked off as “done”, Penang requires another more proper visit. 😀 And since I’m on the subject of travelling, Labuan was “done” in April 2012 and Bintulu in February.

With those, I guess 2012 was a “Cuti-Cuti Malaysia” year for me…plus the multiple trips to Miri & at least 3 trips to Kuching.

Life & work caught up with me towards the end of the year (thus my blog was on halt from Sept-Dec) but if I could summarise those months into a blog title it would be: “3 Weddings & a Conference” – 1 of those weddings was that of a very dear friend of mine. :’) Congrats to all 3 couples!

And so ends my review of 2012 (in general).

It had been a great year filled with memories & experiences money can’t buy…no matter where I went or what I did, it was those who were with me (be it physically or in spirit) that made them special.

Thank you for journeying with me in 2012 & I look forward to more adventures together in 2013. 😉

Leaving you now with a review of Perfect Imperfections for 2012 from the guys at

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 11,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 18 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Borneo Jazz Festival 2012: Behind The Scenes

So you already know all that happened on the second (and final) night of the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 right?

Wrong. That was just half the story! 😉

Here’s the other half: all that happened everywhere apart from the main act on stage. 😀

Earlier that evening, when I explored the Festival grounds, apart from the food, craft bazaar and Strongbow stalls, there was also this:

The official Sarawak Tourism Board Borneo Jazz Merchandise booth

This was where you could buy the official merchandises like the Program book, Tshirt and the performers’ albums – and get their signatures or take photos with them after their performances! Remember this bit. 😉

And, there were also “activities” stalls where you could get your face painted or get an airbrush tattoo or even a henna tattoo!

And wasn’t I surprised to see who the henna tattoo artiste was?:

None other than an old friend of mine whom I had not seen for years…hello! 😀

And then there was, of course, the media centre, that was privy only to the organizing committee, performers and media (including me hehe). Here was where we had all the official stuff like press conferences etc

Published news about the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 lined one part of the wall of the Media Centre

Posters like these lined up the others

…but apart from those, we even managed to have a mini #TwtUp after Tangora’s performance! 😀

Meet @jazgra of (Japan) and @adjayMAGIC “hard at work” ;p

@adjayMAGIC and @SarawakTravel

#TwtUp #BorneoJazz

Remember the bit above where I mentioned how you could get the performers’ signatures or take photos with them after their performances? Well, right after Schalk Joubert’s 3 Continent Sextet’s performance, along with every Pierre, Jean ou Jacques, we made a bee line to the Merchandise booth hoping to get a photo with them.

…but they were not there…

I walked away disappointed.

Especially considering I could have easily taken a photo with Schalk after the Press Conference earlier that day but Nnnnooooo…

Fortunately though, we caught them just as they were leaving from backstage!!! 😀

Mar with Schalk Joubert’s 3 Continent Sextet (partial) – Melissa, Schalk, Rich & Shannon

Oh yeah! My evening was just beginning!

After that, we went to check out what the lights and sounds coming from the Pavillion were…

And guess who was the culprit?

Larger than life: DJ DoubleD of TraxxFM, mixing up some tunes for the crowd in between acts!

And if you’re a TraxxFM listener, you’ll know that if he’s here, these 2 would be pretty close by:

DJ YogeeTheLegend & DJ Roundhead – strangling someone much? :p

DJ Roundhead was actually at the Press Conference earlier that day and it was funny how we met too! – he stole a guy from me. I was having an interesting chat with Ian of & he kindly interrupted us to interview him. True story. 🙂 I wanted to take a photo with him then but he was busy so I never got my chance… -.- Next round on you yes, Roundhead? 😉

Oh, and don’t think YogeeTheLegend was harmless either:

No animals were harmed in this photo

But yeah, as expected, the 3 guys from Traffic really brought the house down! 😀

Pretty soon, it was back to the Press Pit… :-

Hands down the BEST seat in the house!

…for Koh Mr Saxman!

Noticed how I had some really great shots in my previous post, like this:

FYI, this was for MY lenses only: Koh Mr Saxman bent forward (with me just below him at the edge of the stage) for this shot!

And that was only made possible (after Tangora onwards cos I didn’t have one before that) by this:

Thanks @reyanna13 for letting me use yours! ❤

Now, imagine the access THIS guy had:

Meet The Borneo Jazz 2012 Official Photographer, Pein Lee – he can even go ON stage! Whoo~

Credits to Sarawak Tourism Board for this photo:

The @SWKBLOGS Media Team in action in the Press Pit for the finale! 😀

Alas, Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 came to a close, but it was a birthday I will never forget ‘cos for once, something was so awesome I forgot for a second it was my birthday! 😉

My legal-aged bros enjoyed themselves – especially with me giving them allowance, literally, for a drink each. (They told me much later they almost got tattoes! My mom would never let them go out with me anymore had they did! -.-“)

Met up with old friends & made new ones – special shoutout to Yasmin of, the first other media person I met that day and the first who wished me Happy Birthday! 🙂

The @SWKBLOGS Media Team: @adjayMAGIC @orend3vil89 @LadyBirdMollyz @reyanna13 & @mcdrewnis (me)

It was a pleasure to meet & tweet with you guys!   🙂

…eventhough 2 of you photo-bombed this photo -.-”  :-

Mar & Ben

And right at the very end of the night, before leaving, we managed to get autographs from and take a photo with:

Koh Mr Saxman!


Finally, to end my series of posts on Borneo Jazz Festival 2012, credits to:

The wristband that opened the Festival experience to us!

The Media Pass with all it’s responsibilities & perks!

Not to mention, awesome goodies like the Tshirt! 😀

And of course, Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers for the experience that came with it! #RWMF? Hehehe…

Last and definitely not the least: ALL photos in this particular post (unless watermarked or otherwise mentioned) is credited to a dear friend Ben and the @SWKBLOGS Media Team.

Updated: Credits to MrFabianLim of Tropic Green for the video in my previous post! 🙂


To read all the Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 posts from the @SWKBLOGS Media Team, click here.

To read all the published news by local and international media, click the “Media Centre” tab on the official Borneo Jazz Festival 2012 wesbite here

The Madness that is March

We’re near the very end of March and boy has it been one mad (read: so-busy-it’s-just-crazy) month!

For 3 main reasons:

1) I started another blog

No, I am not closing down this blog, if that’s what you’re wondering. 😉 Perfect IMPerfections is my default blog and will stay on for a foreseeable number of years into the future. That said however, I felt it time to start another blog to specifically address a major interest of mine, ie. Travelling.

At the moment, I am slowly recalling back my travels for the past couple of years but I will get to writing my newer travel tales as soon as I can cough up some time on my hands. In the meantime, please feel free to browse: A Road Once Taken. (You can also find the link on the sidebar on your left.)

2) I was playing Hostess

My bro and his family were in town a couple of weeks ago and it being their first time in Brunei in a long time (and a first for my niece), I was on hostess cum tourguide mode. They were here for the 1 week school holidays and I must say, within that 1 week, we covered quite a lot of ground! I’ll do a mini travel guide on Brunei on A Road Once Taken later. 🙂

More importantly though was the fact that the family was able to get together and having my niece over was just super nice!

I absolutely love her! Almost 4-yrs old, she’s simply adorable!

But firstly though, I had to earn her friendship…

You see, she’s the type that takes a while to warm up to people (including those she knows but seldom sees, like me) – in fact, I was in Kuching for a week last month and she didn’t even give me the time of day! (But that may also be due to the fact I was mostly out meeting up with old friends and she went to the nursery.) So I was more than thrilled to have her on my turf this time, secretly hoping she’d be not so tough a cookie to crack.

And I was right! Also, UNO was a great icebreaker, that much I can say. 😉

3) Famine

Apart from the 40acts challenge which I am doing throughout Lent, the 30-Hour Famine was a major event during this season of fasting, prayer and almsgiving.

Last week, we had 200+ youths in our Vicariate (and about 50 of us who made up the committee/service team & helpers) who fasted for, as the name suggests, 30 hours, eating nothing at all and only drinking water. There were, of course, more to the event than this, but basically, as part of the committee/service team, this 3D2N “camp” really had me tied down. (If you’re interested to know more, please note I will blog about it on this other blog of mine.)

So yeah, now with 3 active blogs to keep updated, my career, family, social, spiritual & personal life to juggle and not to mention travels in May & July (and maybe April & August too?), looks like I got a lot to look forward to for the rest of the year!

In the meantime, I have got to squeeze in at least one proper training for the Run happening next weekend. Ai yai yai…