Winner of Asia’s Got Talent Season 1

The Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Result Show last night opened up with an awesome performance from The Finalists.

And in between revealing the results, stellar performances by David Foster and Charice, Anggun, Consentino & The Superstar Judges (Melanie C, Van Ness Wu, Anggun and David Foster).

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The Final 9 became the Final 6 after it was revealed that Gao Lin & Liu Xin, Gwen Dorado and Dance Thrilogy had the lower votes of the 9.

Gao Lin & Liu Xin was, for me, a top contender so I was quite shocked they were out so early. I guess with internet being regulated in China (no Facebook etc), determining the winner via the voting system was their downfall. (I think the same is what happened to Oscar Chu.) Undoubtedly, they are the winners in the Game of Life though as they are left the show engaged. Congratulations and best of luck to the two lovebirds as they dance off into married bliss!

Next, even more shocking, it was revealed that Triqstar and Junior New System had to bid their farewells leaving only 4 acts remaining…

Triqstar had always been a favourite (for other favourites, click here) and among the finalists, I decided to vote for them in the Finals, alas it still wasn’t enough to get them through. As for Junior New System, with 4 acts for the Philippines I guess the divided votes was not enough for them. Gambatte Triqstar & I want to see more from you!!!

Next to leave the competition was The Talento! Boy is the show full of surprises! Congratulations The Talento for making it to the Final 4 and the youngest act to do so too. #AsiasGotFutureTalent with these boys.

And so it stands, the Top 3 for AGT were Khusugtun (Mongolia), Gerphil and El Gamma Penumbra (Philippines) – and Gerphil had the lower number of votes. I was speechless for as I did NOT expect Khusugtun to be so favoured much less be in the Final 2?! I have my reasons for not rooting for them, but I guess it is for that same reason they had an advantage with the winner being determined via votes. (Dear AGT, please screen your contestants next season! It is an UNFAIR playing field when you pit established groups against those unknown talents.) As for Gerphil, she need not worry. Her future is secured by David Foster. You can bet on it!

Thankfully, it was EL GAMMA PENUMBRA who were crowned the first Asia’s Got Talent winner!!!

From the very beginning, I had appreciated their talent but I did not vote for them in the Finals as I was certain Philippines would not let them down. THANK GOD indeed!


Hope you use this win as a platform to continue inspiring people and make a change in the world with your beautiful shadow masterpieces!

Here’s a video recap of their AGT journey:

Judges Audition – earned them a Golden Buzzer straight to the Semi-Finals.

Semi-Finals which earned them their 2nd Golden Buzzer that brought them to the Finals

The Finals – which won them the most votes and the title of being Asia’s Got Talent winner!

And this marks the last of my AGT posts, hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I did.

(And don’t forget to catch AGT Semi-Finalists, Sada Borneo tomorrow at Miri City Day!!!)

See you at! 😀

Asia’s Got Talent Season 1 Finalists with hosts Marc & Rovilson


Asia’s Got Talent: Personal Favourites

The Results Show tomorrow night will reveal the first Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) winner, marking the end of the first season of AGT. This post is to compile those acts that I enjoyed, my personal favourites, but did not make it to the Final 9.

In the order of their Judges’ Audition:

Time Machine

Their Judges’ Audition earned them the very first Golden Buzzer of the show securing them to the Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, they lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch their Semi-Finals performance.


I loved his BIG voice as soon as he opened his mouth to sing! Unfortunately, he lost on votes in the Semi-Finals.


I never knew that skipping ropes could be so cool! But they too lost on votes in the Semi-Finals.

Fe & Rodfil

This odd duo didn’t get past the Judges’ Audition. He’s funny and she is a great singer. I guess the combo just didn’t work to their favour.

Sensational Stefano & his puppet Shawn Chua (oh wait! It’s the other way around! :P)

My first time to see an Asian ventriloquist act. I had hoped they would have been selected for the Semi-Finals but they didn’t make the Judges’ Cut.

Oscar Chu

He is simply awesome & I was so glad he made it to the Semi-Finals! Unfortunately, he lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch his Semi-Finals performance.


She was another talented singer – but I guess not talented enough to make the Judges’ Cut.

Miss Tres

They really were da bomb! I wondered why they weren’t selected for the Semi-Finals but then again, perhaps after the element of shock/surprise is gone, there’s nothing much left to offer? Guess we’ll never know.

D’Intensity Breakers

Now they should have made it to the Semi-Finals. For me, they were more talented than some of the dance groups that made it to Semi-Finals. Unfortunately, the judges didn’t agree. Oh well.

Sada Borneo of course!

Very personal to me, they are the reason I even started blogging about AGT in the first place. And you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on them here in my blog even after AGT. Eventhough they lost on votes in the Semi-Finals, this isn’t the end of their journey – look at what they’re up to alreadyClick here to watch their Semi-Finals performance.


This guy can really beatbox. I read online that he couldn’t be in the Semi-Finals due to studies. That’s a shame. Oh well, maybe he’ll come back for Season 2.


She has class. I really wanted her in the Finals, alas she lost on votes in the Semi-Finals. Click here to watch her Semi-Finals performance.

Vilas Nayak

He is talented. Though he should have asked for the golden buzzer, at least he didn’t go home empty-handed!

Who were your AGT favourites?

For other AGT videos, click here.

Sada Borneo at Miri City Day, then off to Kuching!

Their time in Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) may have ended… but indeed Sada Borneo’s journey has just started!

As soon as we find out who among the Finalists will be crowned the first AGT winner this May 14th, Sada Borneo is already scheduled to perform in Miri, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia on May 16th!!!


They will be performing at the Miri City Day 10th Anniversary Concert on 16th May 2015.

And then, just 3 weeks later, on June 5th, they are scheduled to perform in Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia!!!

At this rate, we’ll soon lose track of the boys’ whereabouts so do follow their official Facebook Page: Sada Borneo for updates on future performances/shows/etc!

Looking forward to more chances to catch them LIVE!!!

Continue to Keep Our Legacy, Sada Borneo! =)

Asia’s Got Talent Finalists

These 9 acts (I wrote about their Semi-Finals here and here) battled it all out in the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) Grand Finals last night.


Now it is up to us to vote and determine the very first AGT winner! A daunting task but having followed their journey from Judges Auditions to Semi-Finals and to the Grand Finals, here’s my thoughts on last night and who should win the coveted title and USD100,000 (plus USD100,000 worth of flights with Jetstar across Asia! SWEET!!!)

In the order of their appearance at the Grand Finals:

1. The Talento
There is no denying that these boys really do know how to rock! Performing “Final Countdown” to kick off the Grand Finals really brought everything into perspective of how it really is the final countdown to determining the winner of AGT. INTENSE! I wouldn’t be surprised if they grew up to became those long-haired tattoo-ed head-banging rockers who smashed their equipment at the end of their concerts! Oh dear, that’s not my kinda thing.

2. Gao Lin & Liu Xin (2 times Golden Buzee)
Having breezed through the Judges Audition and the Semi-Finals with the Golden Buzzers, they are obviously the Judges’ favourite act – and who can ever complain about that?

Eversince their audition, we have seen how their unconditional love for each other is really captured by their dance and last night’s performance really really really was the epitome of what they have consistently shown us at the competition. I had GOOSEBUMPS watching them last night! And the difficulty of the moves they did just blew me away!

The proposal at the end of it really truly is the icing on the cake. Forget about pre-wedding photoshoot, they have a pre-wedding dance video! Aaaaawww~~~

3. Gwen Dorado
Last night’s performance was better than the Semi-Finals but to me, she hasn’t really found her identity and is still experimenting with her talents. Firstly, in the Judges Audition, she sang and played the guitar and I really loved her roar. Then, in the Semi-Finals, she sang more than she played (and her singing was off). And last night, she didn’t play at all but just sang instead. Yes, she has a great voice (though not perfect, there was a minor glitch I noticed at a point) but I wanted the original Gwen with the autographed-guitar.

4. Dance Thrilogy
My feet were actually twitching and had I been watching alone I probably would have started tap dancing along with them (or at least try to and perhaps injure myself while at it)! Apart from that though, their performance was good but I feel they still have a long way to go to be the best they can be. They have the potential. They are one of #Asia’sGotFUTURETalent but that’s not the name of this competition…

5. Khusugtun
They did a wonderful job bringing Mongolia to us but that is expected for they are already professionals in what they do. They are a well-established band. They have already been travelling and performing all over the world (David Foster even referred to them as the “One Direction” of Mongolia) and so since the very beginning, I felt it unfair for all the other acts to be competing alongside them when they do not need to win this unlike the other acts. Imagine One Direction (proven talent, already famous, has the means to make it in the industry) competing with a lesser known act (never been heard of, needs finance to pursue their dream) – hardly fair right? They are known talents and they do not need a show to tell them that. And that is why my vote will not be going to them.

6. Triqstar
From the very beginning, I always saw them as Duracell bunnies – especially when they do their fluid-yet-robotic moves in slow mo! Weirdly wonderful was used to describe them and they are indeed that.

I have always enjoyed their performance and even voted for them in the Semi-Finals (in fact, they were the only act I voted for in Semi-Finals that made it to the Finals!) so it’s no denying that I like what I’ve been seeing. But they didn’t completely win me over and the competition in the Finals is really good. I am torn…

7. El Gamma Penumbra (2 times Golden Buzee)
The only other act to have glided pass the Judges Audition and Semi-Finals (along with Gao Lin & Liu Xin) thanks to the Golden Buzzers, these guys never fail to tell an inspiring story or give a beautiful message with their shadow-play.They certainly did it again last night and touched us with their piece on Mother Nature. They are undeniably an inspiration to many in what they do and I am certain they will go far.

8. Gerphil Flores (Golden Buzee at the Auditions)
She has a powerful voice and she knows it. However, I have yet to truly be blown away by her song-choice. I was hoping she would do a song from a musical (Phantom of the Opera or Les Miserables, for example) but at least she did “The Impossible Dream” – still better than the song-choice in the Semi-Finals I felt. I am pretty sure that if she does not win this, she will be signed up by David Foster himself. She is, afterall, his Golden Girl and he guaranteed she will go far. That said, she does not need to win this as her career is pretty much secured already – and that is why I am definitely not voting for her.

9. Junior New System (Golden Buzzee to the Finals)
From the very beginning, these groups of boys have been portrayed as coming from an underprivileged background and winning this competition would no doubt greatly assist them and their families. But while I enjoy their performances, they never really blew me away with it. I wish them all the best for the future. They can only get better. But for the moment, for the now, talent-wise, I feel other acts deserve this win more.

At the end of it all, I applaud all of them for bringing their BEST performance yet seen in the competition but I am not looking forward to having to choose only ONE to vote for to win Asia’s Got Talent!

And at this point, my vote is torn between Gao Lin & Liu Xin OR Triqstar as I feel it will count more towards either.

Voting has opened since last night and will close by Monday, 11th May 2015. I still have a few days to deliberate…who do YOU think should be the Asia’s Got Talent winner?


And here’s how to vote:

There are 3 ways to vote (visit for full instructions)

Method 1 – via SMS(unlimited)

SMS “Act Number″ -refer picture above (eg. AGT2 for Gao Lin & Liu Xin) and send it to your country’s designated short code (For Malaysia, it’s 33200 – for others, click here:

SMS charges apply.

Method 2 – via Facebook (only ONE vote per user)

Just go to this link and vote:

On computer:

On mobile:

Voting on Facebook is free.

IMPORTANT: Each user is entitled to ONE VOTE ONLY (so vote wisely!)

Method 3 – via the official Asia’s Got Talent app(unlimited)

Just download the app (available on the App Store and Google Play) and start voting. You can purchase 1, 3, 25 or 100 votes at a click of a button. (WOW!) Read the Terms&Conditions for more information on purchasing votes and voting.

IMPORTANT: You can vote as many times as you want via SMS and the Asia’s Got Talent app but the producers reserve the right (at their sole discretion) to exclude any votes which they feel have been placed to unfairly manipulate the results.

Check out the Voting FAQ section if you have any other doubts:

Tribute to the Semi-Finalists (Part 2 of 2)

They were the 24 Acts chosen to proceed to the 3 Semi-Finals’s Round out of the countless number of acts that auditioned. In achieving that, they are talented in their own rights and although the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) journey for some has ended, I hope we will be hearing more about them in the future.

What follows are my personal opinions/observations but after all is said and done, this post is to applaud what they have achieved thus far (in order of their appearance at AGT Semi-Finals):

For acts #1 to #12, check-out Part 1


13. Bao Cuong
On the act: Cannot. Stand. To. Watch. Grimace. Gag. Flinch. I truly truly truly do NOT like this act at all!
On the outcome: I was appalled (in the full sense of the word!) that the judges allowed them past the Auditions – especially when they themselves had problems watching the entire act with eyes wide open! Thankfully, we do not need to subject ourselves to such torture since they didn’t get into the Finals. Phew!
Message to Bao Cuong: While I am sure there may be a few people in the world who can stomach your talent, please just keep it for their eyes only. Not for me please. *Shivers*

14. Sydney Uke

On the act: Talented talented young lady who plays the ukulele.
On the outcome: Her audition was nice. And I really enjoyed her Semi-Finals. So very much that I voted for her. Unfortunately, Gerphil & Khusugtun got the 2 spots for the Finals instead.
Message to Sydney: Is Uke your real name, or is it because you play the Ukelele? (I just noticed.) Anyways, you, young lady are very very talented. At your Semi-Finals, you reminded me of Sungha Jung, the Korean ukulele prodigy! Keep on playing and keep on smiling as you do. I really want to hear more from you in the future!

15. Fathin Amira
On the act: Singer with a big voice
On the outcome: She surprised everyone with her audition. Could she be the wedding singer turned super star? She could have but her song-choice during the Semi-Finals wasn’t the best. At least she made it to the Semi-Finals, so she may yet go further!
Message to Fathin: Well done for making it to the Semi-Finals. Wish you the best in your solo career!

16. Junior New System (Golden Buzzee to the Finals) – Finalist
On the act: A group of street boys dancing their way into a better life. Talented and not afraid to be feminine either!
On the outcome: Impressive dance at the audition and they danced in heels at the Semi-Finals. Theirs could possibly be a “Rags to Riches” story if they win the title as the Asia’s Got Talent winner in the Finals. More on them in the Finalists post.

3rd Semi-Final Round
17. El Gamma Penumbra (2 times Golden Buzee) – Finalist
On the act: Shadow play that tells a story. Very talented and the only other act to get the Golden Buzzer twice (the other being Gao Lin & Liu Xin).
On the outcome: I was engrossed in the story they told in the audition and they repeated it with the visual storytelling in the Semi-Finals. I feel this group of talented guys (who also aren’t afraid to cross-dress) still has some more stories up their shadowy sleeves. More on them in the Finalist post!

18. Dance Thrilogy – Finalist
On the act: Cute tap-dancing goodness.
On the outcome: Never have I ever seen such very young professionals yet always cute and smiling as they tapped their way into our hearts. Watch out for these lil ladies in the Finalist post.

19. Sada Borneo
On the act: They write and play their own music by combining traditional and modern music and the sounds of nature together. They are the only other Semi-Finalist I’ve seen perform live (the other being Khusugtun) and who I really wish to see at Rainforest World Music Festival one day.
On the outcome: They impressed all 4 judges who gave them 4 YESes at their audition but David Foster wanted them to be traditional instead of combining traditional and modern. When they remained true to themselves at the Semi-Finals, the judges were divided. Alas, they did not make it into the Finals. My earlier post, Dedicated To Sada Borneo already clearly states my opinions.
Message to Sada Borneo: My dearest Sada Borneo, this is not the end of the journey but only the beginning. I know it’s been a rollercoaster ride so far (more of those will come too!) but keep on pursuing your dream and do not give up. Make your music (not David’s or others but your own) known to the world. Keep on improving and continue to Keep Our Legacy boys.

20. Alttype
On the act: Jump-Rope and Double-dutch. Skipping ropes, how I miss thee!
On the outcome: As a child I skipped. These guys made it way cooler but there is only so much rope you can have right? (Pun intended.)
Message to Alttype: You guys are already Guiness World Record holders for the Most Number of Double-Dutches! So life ain’t that bad. All the best with your future endeavours.

21. Talento – Finalist
On the act: Kids rockin’. Nuff said.
On the outcome: Rock isn’t really my most favourite genre. But I can see these boys do have it in them…I just wonder what will happen when the singer reaches puberty and his voice breaks. Hmm. But in the meantime, they are off to the Finals. More on the Finalist post.

22. Time Machine

On the act: Similar to Triqstar-style of dance (except theirs is modern/future while Triqstar’s is more traditional) they are also very talented.
On the outcome: With that observation, I couldn’t help but wonder if somehow they didn’t reach the Finals because Triqstar already did…anyways, I enjoyed their audition and the Semi-Finals.
Message to Time Machine: Well done in making it to the Semi-Finals. Keep on doing what you guys do best and good luck with your future conquests.

23. Toshan
On the act: Opera singer. Me gusta!
On the outcome: When he opened his mouth to sing at the audition, I already fell in love with his voice. I really felt he could go far so I was happy to know he made it to the Semi-Finals. However, the song chosen then wasn’t as effective as the audition in showing off his voice.
Message to Toshan: Hi Toshan. Firstly, I applaud you for your song-choice. It might have made it more difficult for you to win the votes of men but I am sure Our Father is smiling at you. May you be blessed and I pray that one day, you will be as good as the likes of Luciano Pavarotti! I know you can. 🙂

24. Billy Chang
On the act: Very expressive, he really loves to dance.
On the outcome: He was graceful at his audition and in the Semi-Finals we got to see the wilder side of him. A talented dancer, there is no denying that.
Message to Billy: Dance Billy! Dance! I can really see that you really put your heart and soul into your dance and it is beautiful. Keep on dancing and all the best with the floors being opened up to you.

And so there you have it, my Tribute to the Semi Finalists.

Congratulations to the 9 acts that made it into the Finals: Gao Lin & Liu Xin, Gwen, Triqstar, Junior New System, Gerphil, Khusugtun, El Gamma Penumbra, Dance Thrilogy and Talento!

Who do you think will be the first Asia’s Got Talent winner?
Here’s my guess (Finalist Post)

Tribute to the Semi-Finalists (Part 1 of 2)

They were the 24 Acts chosen to proceed to the 3 Semi-Finals’s Round out of the countless number of acts that auditioned. In achieving that, they are talented in their own rights and although the Asia’s Got Talent (AGT) journey for some has ended, I hope we will be hearing more about them in the future. What follows are my personal opinions/observations but after all is said and done, this post is to applaud what they have achieved thus far (in order of their appearance at AGT Semi-Finals):


1st Semi-Final Round

1. Gonzo

On the act: It is difficult enough to move past the tights and bright coloured gear he doned on, but when he bashed his face with a tambourine, that was just too much to bear. I’ve never seen anybody play a tambourine like him (nor do I want to honestly) but perhaps if he made music with the tambourine I might have been impressed.

On the outcome: I was shocked the Judges said YES at the audition. I was even more speechless he made it into the Semi-Finals. And I was really upset – but not at him. I was upset with the Judges because I felt the reason they said YES to him was to make him into the laughing stock of the competition (remember William Hung?). Am I the only one who thinks so? I have no doubt that he is a really nice guy so I really do not appreciate them making fun of him (or any other person(s)) in this way.

Message to Gonzo: I wish you the best for what may come your way. I just hope it is possible for you to draw the fine line between the people who truly appreciate you (and your talents) and those who are just using you at your expense.

2. Gwen Dorado – Finalist

On the act: I enjoyed listening to her play the guitar and hearing her sing at the audition but I didn’t enjoy the Semi-Finals act when there was a band with her and she did more singing (which didn’t sound as great as the audition either) and not so much playing the guitar.

On the outcome: I did not expect her to reach the Finals. But since she did, I will just address her again in the Finalists post.

3. Oscar Chu

On the act: I absolutely LOVE how he could play classical music on not one but many harmonicas – all at once! Fell in love with his talent at the audition and even more deeply at the Semi-Finals.

On the outcome: OSCHAR CHU, I choose you! I voted for him but alas he didn’t make it into the Finals. How sad…

Message to Oscar: Dear Oscar, please please please continue playing the harmonica as you so beautifully do. I really would love to hear more from you. And I can’t help wonder how good you are with your lips with a talent like that! 😉

4. Triqstar – Finalist

On the act: I was entranced by their audition and their Semi-Finals. The smoothly-executed-yet-robotic movements were as engrossing as the choreography of their dance.

On the outcome: I was very happy to know they made in into the Finals. (I voted for them too.) Wishing them the best of luck for that! (To be continued in the Finalists post)

5. Velasco Brothers

On the act: I saw one too many of their style of dance and there are other better groups (maybe D’intensity Breakers), especially with the Velasco Brothers not having their act together at the audition. I didn’t see anything very impressive at the Semi-Finals either (except for the stage set-up and going out with the machine gun – but that’s external).

On the outcome: Semi-Finalist. They were lucky to be chosen from the many other dance groups in the audition. Yet, in competing with Gwen to represent Philippines in the Finals, I would have expected them instead of her. (Still surprised it’s Gwen. Still choose Oscar Chu!)

Message to Velasco Brothers: All the best with the future guys. I’m sure you guys can do better.

6. Nitish Barti

On the act: This was not the first time I saw “Sand-Art”. The first time was in Korea and I enjoyed that more. That said, his audition was nice and he is really talented. His Semi-Finals however, was not as nice I felt…especially since the message is unclear (to me): For one, he dedicated it to blind people – who cannot actually see what he made with the sand-art? Hmmm. ._.

On the outcome: Well done for making in into the Semi-Finals.

Message to Nitish: I salute you for leaving your stable job in pursuit of your dreams. Keep doing that. May you be able to share and tell more better stories through your sand-art in the future.

7. Gao Lin & Liu Xin (2 times Golden Buzee) – Finalist

On the act: Sensual. Acrobatic. Flexible. And Sexy in the Semi-Finals.

On the outcome: 2 times Golden Buzee. Shows that this duo was very good and they are. Their dance was beautiful and impressive both times. Wish them the best for the Finals.

8. The Brothers

On the act: Classical singers. I like classical singing! But I was disappointed by the song-choice during the Semi-Finals.

On the outcome: Good job in making it to the Semi-Finals. I might have liked them if they had done a classical song in the Semi-Finals.

Message to The Brothers: Teruskan menyanyi. Selamat maju jaya di masa hadapan.

2nd Semi-Final Round

9. Young Boys

On the act: Loud. Bright. Chaos. That’s what I felt when I saw the Semi-Finals. I didn’t manage to form any opinion of them during the audition.

On the outcome: We barely saw them during the auditions, how the heck did they get into the Semi-Finals? Better them than Young Men I guess! ._.

Message to Young Boys: You guys are much too loud and much too energetic for me but well done for making it to the Semi-Finals. Good luck ahead.

10. Gerphil Flores (Golden Buzee at the Auditions) – Finalist

On the act: Powerful soprano voice that could totally pull off the lead in musicals like Les Miserables.

On the outcome: Golden Buzzee at the Auditions was no surprise but I wasn’t as impressed with the song-choice in the Semi-Finals. But she made it into the Finals anyways so more on her in the Finalist post.

11. Bebop

On the act: Chicks that play their own music instruments. I like it!

On the outcome: They scrapped past Auditions with 3 out of 4 YESes, coming into the Semi-Finals hoping to gain David Foster’s approval – only to be brutally shot down by him. It was the most painful outcome in the Semi-Finals. Imagine how they must’ve felt!

Message to Bebop: Hi ladies. You are already famous back in South Korea. You don’t need a show to tell you that you have talent because it’s very obvious that you do. And you don’t need David Foster’s approval either. Keep on rocking ladies!

12. Khusugtun – Finalist

On the act: Mongolian Throat-Singing. Definitely unique. And they are one of two Semi-Finalists that I have actually had the opportunity to see perform live! I first heard Khusugtun at the Rainforest World Music Festival in 2012.

On the outcome: Since they were pretty famous already, I felt they didn’t need to be in this show, which was why I saved my one-Facebook vote at the Semi-Finals for someone else. I hope they do justice to their reputation at the Finals! More on that in the Finalists post.

Continued in Part 2:


Dedicated To Sada Borneo (AGT19)

My dearest Sada Borneo,

You dedicated the Semi-Finals to us – to Malaysia and all who supported you from all over Asia.

The composition we brought tonight is called ‘Dedicated To You’. It was composed to express our gratitude to our families and friends who had always been there for us through thick and thin, without whom we would not be who we are today.

‘Dedicated To You’ was composed right after the self-titled piece that got us 4 YESes at the Asia’s Got Talent Judges’ Audition and the first time we performed it was during Malam Bumi Kenyalang 2014 (Sarawak Cultural Night 2014) in our university.

Touched by the amazing support we received through social media from everyone around the world during Asia’s Got Talent, what better way is there for us to thank each and everyone of you for your support and encouragement but through our language which is music. So truly, the Semi-Finals is dedicated to you.

‪#‎sadaborneo‬ ‪#‎asiasgottalent‬ ‪#‎keepourlegacy

– From Sada Borneo’s Facebook Page

Now I dedicate this post to you.

Nothing could have prepared you for the journey that awaited you when you decided to audition for Asia’s Got Talent (AGT).

Before the Judges’ Audition a month ago, most of Malaysia had not heard about you.

Sada Borneo @ Judges Audition (AGT)

Now, not only Malaysia but Asia and the whole world knows about you. More than that, they fell head over heels in love with you!

But did they love the REAL Sada Borneo or who they thought/wanted you to be?

David Foster, at the Judges’ Audition, already said he “didn’t like” the bass guitar and the acoustic guitar in the mix but he “loved loved loved” the traditional part of it.

Therein lies the “dilemma”…

From Sada Borneo’s website:

The unique thing about our band is that we are using traditional music instruments like sape, bungkau, kompang, seruling…. basically any instruments we can get, and then combining them with modern instruments like keyboard, bass and guitar, while infusing nature elements (rain, birds etc) to make music.

We are trying something new by combining modern western music and traditional Malaysian music. We hope that we can show the beauty of Malaysia through music.

Do you change who you are to be loved? Or do you remain true to yourselves?

Click here to watch Astro Awani’s interview with Sada Borneo before the Semi-Finals

Sada Borneo @ Semi-Finals (AGT)

David wanted you to be more “traditional” – but that is not the REAL Sada Borneo.

Van Ness said it perfectly: “You stayed true to who you are” and Anggun was inspired to do a World Music album by listening to your music!

From Sada Borneo’s website:


  • To show the beauty of Malaysia through music.

  • To attract the youth of Malaysia to appreciate Malaysian traditional music.

  • To expand Malaysian traditional music to international level

  • To perform in international music festivals such as the Rainforest Music Festival in Sarawak, Penang World Music festival in Penang etc.

The facts remain:

1. You were the only act from Malaysia that made it to the Semi-Finals – shortlisted along with 23 other acts from other countries out of the thousands that auditioned – you did show the beauty of Malaysia through your music

2. You have made youths all over Malaysia ask questions and yearn for answers about our traditional music

3. You brought Malaysian traditional music on the international stage through Asia’s Got Talent

4. “World Music” – the exact word Anggun used to describe your music. I am sure the Rainforest World Music Festival and the likes are just around the corner!

So here’s what I say and what I believe others like me feel: We support you for who you are. And to us, whether you go on to the Finals or not, you will always have our support.

Keep on making your kind of music. I am sure there is room for improvement and I look forward to seeing you become the great musicians you are, each and everyone of your 11 members and together as Sada Borneo!

So smile my Sada Boys. You only have one way to go from here – UP!

With love,




VOTE FOR SADA BORNEO! (Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)

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Will Sada Borneo make it to the Finals and be that much closer to being the first Asia’s Got Talent winner??? ONLY YOU can make it happen!

So vote, vote, vote!

AGT19! Sada Borneo!

(Voting ends on 4th May 2015.)