It’s complicated

I’m sure you’re all farmiliar with that huh?

Status in friendster? It’s complicated.

So how are you guys doing? It’s complicated.

Is everything okay? It’s complicated.

Can you say anything else aside from “it’s complicated”?It’s complicated.

Really…sometimes I feel that phrase is just over-used, over-rated and is simply an excuse for any further discussion!

And what is the most complicated of “It’s complicated”s?

I’ve had this thought in my head for a while now and then when I read drumstick’s post I thought now would be the time to post about this.


Everyone’s fave subject.

What equates to the perfect relationship?

10% luck?

20% skill?

15% concentrated power of will?

5% pleasure?

50% pain?

I wish I had a 100% formula to answer that question…

Since it’s USUALLY a guy-meets-girl-and-guy-gets-girl scenario, let’s just make this one of those rare scenarios where girl-meets-boy shall we? 🙂

Girl and Guy and many other mutual friends attend this party together…and somehow, out of the many people in that group of friends, Girl and Guy were suddenly seen by others as being “together” as in “a couple”, when of course, they were not. But from that “weird” moment on, they decided, “let’s play along” and therefore successfully conned everyone at the party that they were indeed “together”…and in that process, Girl actually started to have feelings for Guy

Later, Girl asked Guy: “They already think we’re together…I don’t like lying. Why don’t we be couples – for real?”

And from then on, Girl and Guy kept in touched practically every day…

…practically every day…but it has always been Girl who seemed to make the first move. Girl was the first to sms. Girl was the first to call. Girl was the first to admit her feelings. And Girl felt that being 1st constantly was really really worrying…and Girl starts to question whether Guy is in the relationship or not…

Cibol had this in his YM status once: “It’s a game. Manipulation of emotions.”

And he elaborated that in his post:

“It’s a game of power, manipulation of emotions to control someone’s mind. And yes its a serious game. It’s a game where one who displays their emotions first, gives up total control to the next and goes around like a dog on a collar.”

Is that really how the “game” is to be played?

So it was wrong that Girl displayed her emotions 1st?

That’s the difference between Girls and Guys

I’ve never been in a relationship before, but based on my observations of those who have been/are in one, girls wear their hearts on their sleeves. When we’re happy, you know it. When we’re sad, you know it. When we’re hurt, you know it. But Guys…I believe the term is “ego”…when they’re happy, they might show it. When they’re sad/hurt, they seldom show it…well, except maybe the way they show it is different? Or maybe that all’s because of this “game”plan of theirs…?

Girls/Guys, is it wrong to let Guy/Girl know how much he/she means to you? Is it wrong for Guy/Girl to let you know how much you mean to him/her?

I dunno. It’s complicated. Why don’t you tell me?