I know this post should have been up on Friday, but forgive me if I have more pressing matters (like what I’m going to write below) to settle before I finally have time to go online…


I had a whole post planned for this “announcement” but now that I am actually typing it out, I dunno how to begin…

You guys might remember (if you’ve been here that long) that…

About a year ago, I attended this interview

And a month ago, I received a significant piece of news

Long story short, on Thursday night, I stayed up contemplating which of these I should submit:-

Format 1

untitled by you.

Too short?

Format 2

untitled2 by you.

Too informal?

Format 3

untitled3 by you.

Too wordy?

Format 4

untitled4 by you.

Keep it simple rite? 😉





Well, needless to say NONE of the format above is of any use, but I wrote one anyways and handed it to The Boss on Friday, 1st of August…

As at 1st of September 2008, I will no longer be employed with my current Firm…

And on the 15th of September, I will begin work…

In Brunei…

So yeah, now you know why I say everything is gonna change

Goodbye Malaysia…in less than a month…

Miss me when I’m gone

11.17pm Wednesday

Update! I am back from my Shah Alam trip…but I will not have access to the net these coming days…so no pics la (yet)…


Guess what?

Tomorrow I’m gonna leave for Shah Alam




Hahaha…it’s not long and it was definitely last minute.

But while I’m there, I really hope I get to meet up with those of you who are in Selangor!

So gimme a call yea… 🙂



I just noticed…12,000 hits. 🙂 Sweet…


Hey guys,

I’m currently on “break” from my hiatus (so yes, that means I will be on hiatus again soon) because my bro’s outstation trip will be next week and not this week. So that means hiatus will begin again next week and till the end of the year. (No idea what I’m talking about? Read my previous post lah!)

Anyways, so what has happened during my 1-week hiatus previously?

In short, A LOT!

One, remember that interview I mentioned? Well…I just checked my mail and got their reply:

Dear Miss [my surname],

Thank you for attending the interview on the 9 September 2007 with our Mr XX.

Due the many qualified candidates applying for the position you are interested, we are unable to offer you a position immediately. However, we are very impressed with your achievements to date and drive to obtain further professional qualification. We hope you will continue to gain experience in your current job especially in the auidt and assurance area. We will contact you again when we review our staffing requirement.

Please contact us should need any further information.

Yours sincerely.


Guess I won’t be hearing from them anytime soon. But I really got to find “greener pastures” sometime soon…End of this month, I will have had slaved for 6 months already and I deserve better than what I’m getting now. Right now “Hogwarths” is appealing. A collegue of mine joined our firm later than me and after just 2 months left to join “Hogwarths” and gets treated a lot better there. I cannot just CANNOT! WILL NOT! let that slide….I know I deserve better, and if it is Peetwogs, Encharmed and THE rest aren’t ready for me, certainly Hogwarths is. Right?

Two, I had my fourth and final trip to the specialist clinic for my foot. How was it?


How it looked last Wednesday.

Well…let’s just say that it will take a long long time for my bones to be back to normal. If ever…

Three, I had a freaky experience last Saturday. My friend and I were on our way back from shoe-shopping (no stillettos – the doc says my foot is not that well yet. LOL.) and out of the blue this guy approaches us, hands me a coupon and tells me to go redeem my prize just by showing the receipt of my purchase. So I thought: Whaddeheck. So we followed him.

He brought us to this totally unrelated (to my purchase) store which was buzzing with activity and I ended up having to sit down and play some “games” on their “website” (I suspect it’s not actually on the net) and “lucky” me ended up getting a free pen cum torchlight and “winning” a “VIP package” where I could actually take home a home sauna, a set of wok and cover and a handheld massager – all, they said, was worth RM5,000++ in total (and all were of a brand we never heard before). The catch was I shouldn’t sell the items, should promote their products, should not tell people I’m getting it for free and to use the RM100 voucher (which I also “won”) then and there to purchase another item of my choice. Turns out, the voucher is a discount voucher, so if I chose an item worth RM 2,500, I’m supposed to pay Rm2,400 CASH or via credit card instalments. That’s when my friend and I decided to just leave without all those “prizes”. Truth be told, I have a gut feeling that it was a SCAM! Call me paranoid, but I trust my feelings – I suspected something since the very beginning but played along till the end. At least now I know how they “operate”. So if you guys encounter such a thing, be wary. You have been warned.

Four, I just finished my 1st month studying Mandarin! Hurray for me! 🙂 Wo ai hua yu. Wo de hua yu hen hao, so far. LOL.

Five, I am slowly, but surely, learning to really drive. (FYI, I’ve had my license for more than 3 years but its only now that I’m actually really driving.) Again, hurray for me! 🙂 I actually dared Cibol“Who first? You getting a license or me driving on my own without needing anyone as coach/escort in the car with me. And the loser treats.” – but he won’t accept the challenge. Haiyah Cibol. Step up to the plate. I DARE YOU. 🙂

Lastly, Sean Kingston…take this!

~Beautiful Girl 🙂