That’s where it’s SO @

Friday marked an important date in the history of social media in the country. It was the first-ever Social Media Conference in Brunei!

Titled “Social Media: That’s Where It’s @”, the half-day conference took place at Radisson Hotel.

Remember how excited I was to attend? Well, I did! =)

Registration table where the awesome nametags were. Hehe!

And I brought a friend as well…

Enjoying our morning tea.

Inside the conference room.

There were about 80 delegates from the social media scene in Brunei and Sabah (and 1 from Sarawak, ie. yours truly) who attended the event.

This was my first social media conference so I honestly didn’t know quite what to expect but the moment it started I was having a field trip! =)

Welcome remarks by @emmagoodegg.

“The Backbone for Social Media” – presented by Mr Lim Ming Soon, Telbru.

It was a technical presentation on the infrastructure that supported the whole “online culture” and also some very interesting statistics, like:

18,000 users online in a day just in Brunei (population of 400K) and

The most visited site was Youtube…I would have thought it was Facebook, which was actually in 3rd rank.

Another thing that thoroughly impressed me was how unlike normal conferences, where people just sat, listen, took notes and asked questions, this conference was where most sat, eyes on their smart devices (laptops, phones etc), tweeted what struck them throughout the sessions and asked questions ONLINE!

All “notes” are kept virtually on Twitter where anyone can access them by looking up the hastag #socmedBN – cool stuff!

Questions were posted on PigeonholeLive, and once posted, others can vote on them and the higher voted questions get asked – even cooler!!!

Oddly enough, on this day when everyone had their fingers glued onto their keyboards/keypads/touchscreens, they weren’t being anti-social! In fact, it was pretty interactive as the questions posted and the number of votes were projected for all to see and not to mention, super fun when a highly voted question placed @ranoadidas in the hot seat! =p

@ranoadidas smiling his way out of answering the question in Session 1 : “Dude, Where’s My Traffic?” of how much he earned a month. LOL!

At one point, @BruneiTweet had to defend his love for skinny jeans! =p

And Dinoza of Breeze Magazine Sabah was at a lost for words when asked who was his “social media role model”.

The second session “Why Join The Twitter Conversation?” was also very interesting!

Especially since it was given by Dato Timothy Ong, Chairman of Asia Inc Forum and moderated by Awg Hj Mohd Rozan of

Many many wonderful messages from this great public speaker. My personal faves: “If it matters to you, find the courage to do it!” and “Social media cannot replace human interaction.” Hear hear!

Even lunch was a great “social networking break”!

Pleasantly surprised to see another friend there as well =)

And the food was gorgeous!!!

Noodles in boxes!!!

Noodles never tasted so nice…

Then again, it may just be the novelty of eating noodles from a box! LOL.

The third and final session was “From Idea To Enterprise: What Does It Take?”, another open forum discussion, this time between Mr Keeran of MeSixty and Mr Simon, the Director of Mint and moderated by Mr Tom of Rapidea Solutions Sabah.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much time for this session as it was the end of the conference soon enough. =(

Overall, it was a great event. Good job to the Organizers!

Andrew, Marul, BruneiTweet, Ranoadidas, EmmaGoodEgg, Maurina & Anakbrunei

I’m glad I attended the event. Thanks Sarawak Bloggers for the opportunity! Not only did I learn a couple of things, I also made a couple of new friends! Can’t wait for the next SocMedBN event!!! =D

Last but not least, dear Delwin, may I have the pic of “the four of us” you took please? =)


Special thanks to @AhimRani of #candidsyndrome for permission to use the amazing pics above! See his full set here.

The recordings for “Brunei Online – Social Media: That’s Where it’s @” is now online thanks to @cornergeeks !