RWMF 2012: Highlights

The 15th Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) has ended, but apart from the fact that the Festival was (and always is) AWESOME – see and listen for yourself:

Video source-superadrianme1 : intro by Le Trio Joubran followed by Danyel Waro playing the kayanm/kayamb or as I described it – “winnowing” 😉 , Diplomats of Drum, Le Trio Joubran playing the oud, the String Sisters, Khusugtun‘s throat-singing, Raiz de Cafezal, Cankisou, Mamadou Diabate’s Percussion Mania, Kanda Bongo Man and ending with the Finale!

 it’s also the experience and memories made there that make people come back year after year.

I had expectations (and for the record, every single one was met! 😉 ), but personally, it’s the unexpected that made the sweetest of memories! 😀

Like when meeting new people and they end up being good friends:

(L-R) Fiqah, Fatimah, me [Photo c/o Ben]

The @SWKBLOGS media team! I know who to look for the next time I’m in Kuching! 😉

Or bumping into/meeting old friends you hadn’t seen in a while, mainly by chance:



Fab & Domi

I was at RWMF with Fab 4 years ago, and it was good to see him again on Day 2. Apparently, he has never missed a single RWMF for something like a decade! WOW! Au contraire, this was the first time for his friend whom I just met, who was involved in the Capoeira Workshop.

Other first-timers included:

My own sis-in-law (and bro who took this photo)

And Ben, who went with me this year:

By the looks of it…

…it won’t be his last either. 😉

There were a few others like my ex-colleague, friends from Brunei and friends-that-are-practically-family, but I forgot to snap a photo with them. Heh.

But the most unexpected and most memorable experience happened on Day 3.

I had just arrived at the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) and was waiting in the performers’/media van to take me to One Hotel Santubong (OHS). A few minutes later, a performer climbed into the van and he sat beside me. It was a Hey-I-Just-Met-You moment. 😉

As the van brought us the short distance to OHS, I managed an unofficial interview with him. I was gushing about how talented a sape player he was and he was very humble about it. He shared how “someone” had brought a sape back to the States and how he had learned to play it and that it is not played like a guitar and that these instruments should not be played as if they were one and the same. Care to guess who he was?

Meet David – incredible sape player and Zee Avi‘s bandmate! 😉

And he was so kind to introduce me to the “someone” who had brought a sape back to the States – Zee Avi herself! 😀

As you probably know already from Day 1, I really enjoyed their performance so it was quite an honour to meet her in person. Fondly referred to as Zee, this Mirian singer-songwriter, guitarist & ukelele player is a Sarawakian treasure, putting Malaysia (and especially Sarawak) on the musical map – all the way from the United States where she is based.

Zee & her “sapelele” (sape-designed ukelele)

Apart from a photo with her, I also got her autograph. 🙂

And if that ain’t enough, I was even able to chat with her for a bit – she’s such a sweet lady!

Prior to the RWMF, she was in Miri for a Homecoming Concert but before that she said she’d been away for 13 years!

Zee Avi & JC, her bass player

Those few minutes spent with her was priceless.

“Balit sitok gik kelak. Iboh tunggu 13 tahun…” I said as I left her to enjoy her privacy. 🙂

*in the local Sarawak Malay language, meaning, “Do come back again. Don’t wait for 13 years…”

Thus, I would like to thank Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers again for making the experiences of the 15th RWMF a possibility for me!

While going for all 3 days was nothing impossible in itself, the media pass really opened up a whole new side of the Festival for me.

Perks of the “job” – I LIKE!

Too bad I wasn’t able to claim the free drinks from Day 1

Then I’d get 3 of these instead, but 2 is cool. 🙂

The only photo taken inside the Heinekebana apparently. 😉

For a more in-depth coverage of the 3 days (and a behind the scenes look), do check out my RWMF 2012 series of posts and for videos, do drop by my youtube channel. Last but not least, here’s a photo that I think says a lot about the spirit of the RWMF:


Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album


RWMF 2013 anyone? 😉

Note: ALL photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.

RWMF 2012: The End is The Beginning

I regrouped with the @SWKBLOGS Media Team  at the Performers’/Media Camp* for dinner. It was the final night of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) and we were all excitedly looking forward to the performance that night. *Photo c/o Yvonne

Soon enough, we all found ourselves right at the front of the Jungle (main) stage where Drums of Malaysia warmed the crowd up with an energetic performance:

Photo c/o Garner

But THIS was what I was waiting for…

Thanks Ben for this photo!

Photo courtesy of Sarawak Travel (got this from Yvonne)

HATA (made up of musicians from Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Taiwan and Azerbaijan) takes to stage as the first act. Why was I looking forward to them? Just check out their opening!

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album

I love that big drum…and doesn’t this just tingle down your spine? 🙂

The other instruments were also cool!

Photo c/o Ben

Meet Samuel Dass & his sitar (Awesome!) – Malaysia’s contribution to the ensemble

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album

Here’s a more upbeat piece by them:

But in the end, it’s still the drums that do it for me! 🙂

Especially him…hehehe

Next up was Oreka TX from Spain!

Photo c/o Ben

I was left mesmerized by the txalapartas – how can wood and stone (and apparently ice too from the video they showed in the background) make these melodic tunes?! – just WOW!

Listen for yourselves:

Now at this point, I just thought they were showing-off (in a good way 😉 ):

However, we were getting hungry (and the Heinekebana was calling) so we went off – which was why, once again, I missed seeing the Mongolian throat singing of Khusugtun when 1 of them came on stage to perform with Oreka TX in the last 15 mins! 😦

Thanks Lindy for this photo!

At least I could hear him through the speakers set up throughout SCV loud and clear this time though. 🙂

Looked like Hiro of Heroes here. 😉 [Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album]

Next was Rhythm of Borneo, Samuel Dass (yes, he was the one with HATA earlier) & Prakash (Malaysia) and the Carimbo Drums of Brazil. No photos/videos though as after we got back with food and a can of chilled Heineken each (apparently, you could choose to have draft beer at the cabana or “take away” 😉 ), we were content to just sit down (in view of the stage of course), hang up our cameras and just enjoy the music. 🙂

After that was Mamadou Diabate’s Percussion Mania of Burkina Faso – now that was something!

Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album

Video source: xmambang

We made our way through the crowd and back to the front of the stage again then, as we were pumped up and ready for the final act and grand finale, but before that was the Native Chanting and Sape & Warrior of Sarawak.

Native chanting [Photo c/o Ben]

Photo courtesy of Sarawak Tourism Board’s RWMF album

Finally, the long-awaited final act for the night shook the main stage, literally!

Kanda Bongo Man – now they’re all about the shaking! 😉 [Video – Manaweblife]

You ready?

No, this is NOT a stick-up. 😉 [Photo source: Travillion’s FB compilation album]






I searched high and low for this video (cos I was too busy dancing to take my own) so thanks to sildjune for uploading this! 😀

I did manage to take these 2 videos though:

Dontcha just wanna sway…? 

And doesn’t he just remind you of King Julien of Madagascar? I LIKE! 😉

But alas, all good things must come to an end. With that final performance, they welcomed back all the performers for the 15th RWMF back on stage for the Grand Finale:

I just love how they’re all just enjoying themselves!

Khusugtun – they don’t just throat-sing, they party too! 😉 [Photo c/o Ben]

Time to bring on the Confetti!!!

Here’s how it was like as we walked away from the main stage:

Yes, some people were wrestling in the mud. RWMF is apparently never complete without it…

Photo c/o Ben

Where did the mud come from? Your guess is as good as mine, especially considering it didn’t rain throughout the 3 nights… 😀

With that, the 15th RWMF has come to an end, and yet it is only but the beginning of the countdown to the next – Yes, we have the dates! The 16th Rainforest World Music Festival will be held on 28-30 June 2013. 😀

If you’ve never been to a RWMF before, I hope my RWMF 2012 series of posts has made you realise that it is absolutely worth going to (don’t worry about the mud, that’s purely optional and it’s fine if you don’t roll that way, neither do I 😉 ) but if you’re still not convinced, I’ll just leave you now with what my crush from HATA thinks of the RWMF:

For the record, this is an exclusive shot as he especially posed as such for my camera only! 😀

Up next, the final post on my own personal highlights of the RWMF 2012. 😉

Note: ALL photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.

RWMF 2012: Off The Books

By now, you would already know the drill of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)  – concerts at night; workshops during the day – but that’s only what the (programme) book tells you.

There is actually much much more on offer, which was why I decided to go “off the book” for Day 3…

The Hornbill with Mount Santubong in the background

Before we even enter the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV), opposite its main entrance was Damai Central, where there was a Beach Fiesta (RUSH) happening, in conjuction with the RWMF.

Camps for rent – for festival-goers who wish to camp out here during the RWMF

Trees planted by the performers before the RWMF began (and the campgroud in the distance)

Programme for RUSH

Among the things on offer there:

Paintball maybe?

Or, Skimboard?

Perhaps pick up a martial art?

Capoeira Workshop

But if something more permanent is what you’re looking for…

How about a Tattoo?

Tribal Tattoos – the real deal! 😉

But of course, the Home of the RWMF is here:

SCV main entrance

So let’s begin…

There were many stalls set up around SCV during the RWMF:

Official merchandise stalls selling shirts, recycle bags etc

Stalls of sponsors like MAS…and of crafts

These stalls were a favourite of many:

FYI, “temporary” means it’ll last for a week. 🙂

Airbrush tattoo

Maybe specifically hand tattoos?

Or maybe you would prefer these:


Not your ordinary barber/hairdresser, these talented Edward Scissorhands will creatively shave your hair in a way you never thought possible. (I was soooo tempted to get mine done…)

And perhaps after walking around the stalls, your feet are aching – not a problem!

Get a much needed foot massage! (among the other types of massages they offer)

And when you’re ready to continue exploring, the SCV is more than ready to welcome you into the many houses of Sarawak’s many tribes!

Perhaps some traditional kuih at the Rumah Melayu (Malay house)?

Or some nicely hand-crafted accessories…

Oh look who was there too!

Let’s peek inside the Rumah Melanau (Melanau house)!

Check out the Rumah Orang Ulu (Orang Ulu house):

If that ain’t tall, I don’t know what is!

Not for those afraid of heights…

But the inside is worth it…look at that wall!

Fatimah conquered her fear of heights and enjoyed herself 😉

I wonder why he stopped right before coming down…hehehe

Rumah Penan (Penan house):

The Iban longhouse (Rumah Iban) is literally long…

Shown here is the traditional “tabuh” (percussions) of the Iban tribe

Long enough of a house for you? 😉

There were many people here as there was a workshop going on.

The Bidayuh Barouk (Bidayuh house):

Left: The NEW barouk, Right: The older barouk

Inside the new Bidayuh Barouk

There was an Arts exhibit being held there by my former university (UiTM).

Nice huh?

And finally, we reach our destination…

The Festival (Main Stage) grounds

The Jungle Stage (Main Stage)

From there, I was drawn over to the Dewan Lagenda where the Metal In My Mouth workshop (on brass instruments) was going on…

And I arrived just in time to catch this:

A personal favourite!

and this:

Music is the heart and soul of the Festival so stay tuned as I bring you next, the Finale of the 15th Rainforest World Music Festival! 😀

Note: ALL photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.

RWMF 2012: From Day to Night


So the second day of the 15th Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) was pretty interesting.

After a sorta random morning, I reached One Hotel Santubong (OHS) alone and brisk walked up to the Media Centre to “report for duty”. All of a sudden, someone jumps in front of me exclaiming: “Are you Marg???” And that guys, was how I met Lindy (fellow Sarawak Blogger). 😉 She promptly introduced me to Garner (another Sarawak Blogger), right after I collected my wristband, finally meeting Gustino in person, and getting a VIP Invite to the Heinekebana (which comes with a cool and eco-friendly tote bag!).

A very productive day, I thought, considering I hadn’t even been there for half an hour. 😉

We three bloggers proceeded to wait for the media/performers van – I just found out that as media we get free transport between OHS & Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) 🙂 – while deciding on which Workshops to attend. I won’t go into details  as you can read more on the workshops from Lindy and Garner, but basically, there are 3 workshops happening simultaneously in 3 different venues, thus, one can only choose to attend 3 workshops (out of 9) a day. So while I was only in time for the main (night) concerts just a few hours before, Saturday gave me the opportunity to have a better understanding of what happens during the day.

And so I decided to join Lindy for the “The Voice” workshop (on vocals) at the Iban longhouse.

We got to see the performers up close – especially since we sat in the front-most row, right by their feet hehehe…

Can you spot us? 😉 [Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Tourism Board.] 

The String Sisters: Mairead Ni Mhaoniaigh & Emma Hardelien

Abdoulaye from Mamadou Diabate’s Percussion Mania & Mr Kanda Bongo Man himself

The guys from Danyel Waro’s band (on the left is Danyel Waro himself)

Kaela Rowan (String Sisters), James Mackintosh (String Misters 😉 ) &…

…Karim Sanou from Mamadou Diabate’s Percussion Mania

After that, we met up with Garner at Dewan Lagenda for the “Hands On” workshop (on percussions).

This time, I’ll let the percussions tell the story:

I can’t remember what this instrument is called – I actually thought it was just a box-shaped stool until he started playing it 😉 – but I remember being suitably amazed by the sound coming from it! 😀

And this guy…

Well, he’s just AMAZING…*crush crush LOL!…from HATA – a band I could not wait to watch the following night!

There were a few other awesome display of percussions during the workshop. There was even an impromptu jam session! Sorry, I only  have 2 videos – was too engrossed in the moment to record. 😉

If you thought that was bad, after that was the “Hip Hip Hip” workshop on the Kwasa-Kwasa dance & other Congolese dances.

Forget videos! (except for the only one above) – I didn’t even take any photos as I was busy dancing ehehehe.

Here’s a photo of the Kibasa dance, which was a favourite of all of us! 🙂

Thanks Lindy for this photo! 😉

Me & Lindy @ Dewan Lagenda

Garner & I

It turned out that Priscilla & Yvonne (also Sarawak Bloggers) were also there, so after sweating it out with the Kibasa and the Koco-Koco etc, we all headed over to the Media/Performers Camp for drinks:

@SWKBLOGS media team! Clockwise: Priscilla, Yvonne, Garner, Lindy & me. Too bad Fatimah & Fazli wasn’t there.

Considering it was the first time most of us met one another, we sure didn’t take too long to click! 😉 I actually felt a little hesitant to leave the team then but I wanted to attend the press conference with the Minister of Tourism. Duty comes first. 🙂

Press Conference (PC) @ SCV Restaurant

Datuk Amar Abang Haji Abdul Rahman Zohari Bin Tun Abang Haji Openg, The Honourable Tourism Minister of Sarawak

Dato Rashid Khan, Chief Executive Officer of the Sarawak Tourism Board

Teaser: Next year’s Rainforest World Music Festival is gonna hit the streets! <- that’s what I learnt at the PC 😉

The PC closed with dinner, so I had the chance to meet other media representatives from other countries like Palestine, Indonesia and also our brethren from West Malaysia. It’s always interesting for me to hear how others came to be in the media industry. 🙂

After dinner, I went to the entrance of SCV to rendezvous with friends and look what I saw!

The crowd at the entrance at about 6pm-ish, no doubt ready to party. 😉

As for us, first thing first, was to claim 2 free drinks at the Heinekebana! 😀

Since we were given draft beer, we had to drink inside the cabana so we were only able to watch the opening by Gongs of Malaysia and the first half hour of Khusugtun (from Mongolia) shown via the TV there. Oddly though, the reception wasn’t too good and we couldn’t really hear much. 😦 But the chilled Heineken in a tall glass was nice! And so was the ambience. We were too comfortable until we forgot to take any photos inside. Heh.

Anyways, when we did reach the stage area, the front of the stage was packed! It’s normal that Saturday has more crowd than Friday…

Yes, this is “normal” alright! 😀 [Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Tourism Board]

So we opted to sit down near the big screen on the left side of the (main) Jungle Stage instead.

But fret not, thanks to Lindy, we have this:


After the “incredible throat singing from the Steppes of Genghis Khan” (per the Programme book) came Danyel Waro from the Reunion Islands. He was at The Voice workshop that morning so I knew some of his songs already. His vocals was, of course, impressive but what caught my attention was this instrument called the kayanm/kayamb:

Photo courtesy of Lindy

I couldn’t find a video of him playing it during that night, but I found this on youtube so you’ll get why I’m so puzzled. Ever since I saw them play it during the vocal and percussions workshop that morning, I kept wondering what it was made of, how it made such sound…and then be reminded of people “menampi padi” or winnowing (n. The process of removing husks or chaff from threshed grain.) 😉

Next up was our own Malaysian Diplomats of Drum, and weren’t they a force to be reckoned with!

Photo source: skjongphotography

Did you know that they were the only non-mainstream band to have performed at the Beijing Olympics 2008 musical showcase and…wait for it…the FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa?! Waka waka eh eh~

Well, I didn’t need to remember those facts then because the music itself got me on my feet, along with everybody else. 😀

Next was Raiz de Cafezal from Brazil.

Photo source: RWMF website

They were at the Tree Stage which was pretty far away from where we were sitting/standing but from what I could hear, all their songs had quite a similar beat thus it kinda all blurred together into one song for me (especially since I didn’t understand the language). However, I was quite impressed by the performers:

Didn’t their arms get tired? 🙂 [Video source:]

Lastly, to close the second night of the RWMF was Cankisou from Czech Republic – and they rocked!


But don’t just take my word for it. 😉 Listen and see for yourself:

Too bad we weren’t able to stay till the very end like the night before though as we were taking the shuttle back to town (RM15/way) and it had been quite a long day…

Long queue for the bus back to town

I was impressed by the girl in the wheelchair – proof that RWMF is too awesome to be missed for whatever reason! 😉

Well, the bus is here!!!

And so, we’ve reached the end of Day 2. 😀

Updated: I’ve added a link to Rythm of Borneo’s performance in my previous post.

Note: ALL watermarked photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.


RWMF 2012: A Sarawakian’s Pride

The Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) may be held in Kuching but it’s fame is not just confined to the borders of the Cat City.

The long queue at the departure hall of Miri International Airport – without a doubt, I wasn’t the only one flying off for the RWMF! 😉

Fresh off the plane in Kuching at 3pm that Friday, I wasted no time in getting to the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) where the RWMF was held. But first I had to report at One Hotel Santubong (OHS) to get my media pass and goodies at the Media Centre, met up with fellow Sarawak Blogger, Fatimah, and from there took the public shuttle provided (as I was with my bro and sis-in-law) for RM5/way to the SCV.

Arriving at SCV, we separated: them to check out the booths and stalls etc; me on the hunt for some friends. 😉

By 7pm, my friends and I were already “camped” right in front of the main Jungle Stage…

…only to run to the smaller Tree Stage at 7.30pm when the darkness was shattered by the Iban warrior cry, followed by the Sape & Warrior Dance of Sarawak from that stage.

We were pretty much running between stages all night, not wanting to miss out on the best view possible. 😉

The opening act for the night was Nading Rhapsody, whom I am proud to say hail from Sarawak!

They were the winners of the RWMF Talent Search Competition 2012, and rightly so!

They were simply amazing!

“Tum Ketumba” is a traditional Iban folklore

I never heard our traditional songs (Iban/Bidayuh/Orang Ulu) sung in such a way before…further making me proud to be a Sarawakian. 🙂 They also sang their version of Burung Kakak Tua, a Malaysian children’s song, which I thought was pretty cool.

Next up were siblings Le Trio Joubran from Palestine.

Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Tourism Board

3 brothers playing the oud accompanied by Youssef Hbeisch on the percussions.

Photo courtesy of the Sarawak Tourism Board

This was followed by the gorgeous String Sisters (Scotland, Norway, Ireland, Sweden, USA) and their equally handsome “String Misters/Brothers”.

Singing from their hearts about their love for their country, of their culture and of life. Music surpassed language, and although I didn’t understand a word of any of their songs, I truly enjoyed them.

Especially the Celtic sounds of the latter with songs in Gaelic & Creole among others.

Rythm of Borneo, winners of the previous year’s RWMF Talent Search Competition, came up next with some local flavours like the joget. It was interesting to note how young this band and its members were – leader Ainal Bustari made his debut at the Rainforest not too long ago, when he was just 6 years old! Here’s a video (not mine) of them. You could really tell that they were enjoying themselves in their music.

Second to last was La Zikabilo from France.

Sorry the photo is from afar…no photographer pass for this assignment =/

Fancy gypsy music? Or rock & roll? Or jazz? Or reggae? This band has it all covered! Here’s a link to a video (not mine) of them performing – don’t you just feel like dancing? 😉

And last, but most definitely not the least, was the final act of which many people (myself included) were waiting for – Zee Avi!

Photo source:

Fondly referred to as Zee, this Mirian singer-songwriter, guitarist & ukelele player made a special appearance courtesy of the Sarawak State Government, a first time in the 15-year history of RWMF (and maybe the first of many more?). Her bandmate opened up with a strong sape piece, playing the traditional instrument oh-so-naturally. It was nothing short of impressive!

Click here to see the sape intro (prior to the video above).

I must admit, before this, I only knew 3 of her songs and while she didn’t perform Bitter Heart 😦 she did perform the other 2 🙂 :

Kantoi – a Manglish word for busted or caught doing something wrong

This is a unique song as it combines Malay, English, and Manglish. The song is about a guy busted for cheating on his girlfriend – with a twist at the end of the song. Click here for the full lyrics.

Concrete Wall

You can drop by my youtube channel for these and other videos:

For those without song titles, do help name the title of the song(s) in the video comments too yaaa… 😉

Need I say that by the end of Day 1, I was truly looking forward to the next 2 days of the RWMF 2012?! 😀

Note: ALL photos/videos in my RWMF 2012 series of posts are those taken by me, unless otherwise stated as that from the Sarawak Tourism Board, the @SWKBLOGS Media Team or other sources.

RWMF2012 : What to expect?

If this is your FIRST ever Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) and am not quite sure what to expect, you may find the following helpful:

WHAT is the Rainforest World Music Festival?


The RWMF is a 3-day Festival that happens every year in Kuching, Sarawak – it literally is a Festival that gathers Music from all over the World to the Rainforest! (Click here to read about it from the official RWMF website.)

WHEN is it?

The RWMF 2012 begins tomorrow, 13th July 2012 until Sunday 15th July 2012.

WHERE is it held?

Intro Pic

It is held annually in the Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV) which is, as described in it’s website, “tucked away at the foothills of legendary Mount Santubong, 35 km from Kuching is Sarawak’s fascinating cultural showcase, the award winning “Sarawak Cultural Village”…This living museum is wholly owned by the Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) depicts the heritage of the major racial groups in Sarawak and conveniently portrays their respective lifestyle amidst 14 acres of tropical vegetation.”

WHO will be there?

1. Other Festival Goers

There will be many many people. This year it is expected that 20,ooo people will gather for the Festival! There will be lotsa Music, Dancing & generally merry-making. (It has been deemed by some as a “Party in the Rainforest” 😉 ) You will get to meet new friends from all over the world, and even those close to home. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get to meet the performers and have your photo taken with them or maybe get their autographs.

Click here to see who will be performing at RWMF 2012!

2. Performers

You’ll stand a higher chance to meet the performers if you go for the music workshops they have during the day, as compared to just coming for the main concerts every night. Besides, you may pick up a skill like playing the sape perhaps while at it.

Click here for the RWMF 2012 workshop schedules!

HOW does it work?

As the RWMF is basically an opportunity for everyone to mingle around, there are no seats or fixed seating and you get to sit wherever you deem fit (stage and other restricted areas are of course off limits).

That said it is best to be mobile ie. only bring the necessities.

Wear comfortable clothes. Tshirts and jeans are the norm. If it looks like it might rain, shorts would be great. Always wear durable and comfortable footwear as you will want to walk around the SCV as they have a lot of things happening around that you will want to see! 😀 Crocs/slippers/flip flops are a good idea.

Food and drinks will be sold so all you need to bring is some cash and you’re good. If you fancy sitting down on the ground for your meal, a picnic mat will be very useful. If it looks like it might rain, a foldable umbrella is always a good thing to have – along with a waterproof bag perhaps for your gadgets (phones/camera/etc) just to be safe.

Last but not least,

WHY go to the RWMF?

Because it is awesome! Really.

The last time I went to a RWMF was 4 years ago, and that was just for a day. I am so excited because this year, finally, I will be able to go for all 3 days! 🙂

And even more exciting is the fact that I will be going on assignment as part of the media team covering the event for Sarawak Bloggers! 😀

Joining me on assignment is Fatimah, whom I have had the opportunity to cover the recent Borneo Jazz Festival with a few months ago. It will be so good to see her again! 😀

Thanks once again to Sarawak Tourism Board and Sarawak Bloggers for making yet another media dream of mine come true! 😀

I will be leaving for Kuching on the first flight out tomorrow so if you see me around, do say HI! 😉