Day 2: Exploring Sentosa

Reminder: Make sure you’ve read Day 1 before you proceed! 😀


The following took place on Tuesday, 27th October 2009 :-

We left the hotel around 8am and this time made our way to the other MRT station – Little India. This time we were already experts at reading maps so we found it without much difficulty. From Little India we took the train to Harbourfront station and from there, went to VivoCity, Singapore’s largest mall, to get the Sentosa Express to Sentosa Island.

The train was pretty frequent and since most of Sentosa’s attractions open at 10am we decided to have breakfast at VivoCity before heading for Sentosa. And we had breakfast at…

Subway! Choosing which bread + fillings was already half the fun! LOL.

After breakfast, we proceeded to Sentosa Island. We had purchased tickets for the “package” (SD39/pax) of the Merlion…

The “Papa” Merlion (since there’s apparently a family of Merlions in Singapore! The “Mama” & “baby” Merlion are near the Singapore River…)

View from on the top of “Papa” Merlion (I was pointing out the Theme Park & further out, the Casino – both still under construction*)

Inside the “Merlion Museum” under “Papa” Merlion’s (this sea dragon was pretty scary!)

…Tiger Skytower, Segway Go Green and the Sentosa 4D Magix.

I have to share how awesome the Sentosa 4D Magix is! 2D cinematography has been around ages and we all have heard and most likely experienced 3D movies – but 4D was much much cooler! Not only can you see and hear (2D) what was happening in the movie and the images seem to come out of the screen (3D), with 4D, it feels quite like YOU are IN the movie itself! For example, we were watching this Pirate movie and when they were at sea, we were actually splashed with water and when they were attacked by swarms of bees, we actually felt the bees against our skin and the wind from the bees’ wings! I’m sure with 5D we will be able to SMELL what’s happening onscreen as well! Awesome awesome technology!

We also went to the Underwater World…

This giant species of crab – forgot what it’s called though.

This is how big it is if you spread it out…WOAH!

…and Dolphin Lagoon.

We saw the Dolphin show – they were so cute!!! And no joke, the dolphins were really pink! And there is actually a “package” to swim with the dolphins!!! I wish I could swim.

Anyways, we had an awesome time at Sentosa and I personally don’t mind going again! 😀

After that, we made it back to “mainland” Singapore. Tried the Koko Krunch McFlurry (which we don’t have here!) at Harbourfront and bought souvenirs, some BCH bak kwa and tapao-ed some Singapore mee hoon before heading back to the hotel.

*should already be completed by now?

(To be continued…)

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