A decade plus one

I logged onto my wordpress today and got the shock of the year (so far)!


Because of these notifications:



We’re already 11 years old!!! (and yes, traffic booming is always sweet!)

This calls for a celebration!!!

Coincidentally (or not), yesterday and today I was suddenly reconnected with friends from back when I was still very actively blogging.

Of course that came round to asking each other how actively (or not) we were (still) blogging nowadays. (For me, it’s not very actively…)

But today, I am reminded how long I’ve been here (just on wordpress).

I have been blogging for much longer since my very first blog is on blogspot (before I moved here).

So yes, today is most definitely a time to celebrate!

Thank You WordPress!

Hope to do more things with you this year. =)

The Written Path

My interest in writing began very early on in life, probably even before my interest in reading!

When I was very very young, I used to keep daily diaries.

In fact, my very first diary was in 1994! That was more than a decade ago! What was I like, 10? Surprised even me when I went to check it just now. (Yes, I still keep all my diaries – I hear some people write diaries and then burn them – what’s the point?! Anyways, moving on…)

From writing diaries, I also wrote a few not-so-mini “mystery” mini-series ala Nancy Drew when I was in my Secondary years. I managed to write 3 1/2 books in the series…1/2 cos I can’t remember now if I finished the 4th book…all are in a box…somewhere…

That was when I realised that writing was a passion and my dream then was to become a Writer, have my writings published and it wouldn’t hurt if they became Bestsellers! LOL. But I never continued with the mini-series or any form of fiction-writing, and although I still kept diaries, I didn’t update them daily anymore…

I pretty much stopped writing then…until I started blogging in 2005. Even then, I had absolutely no clue what blogging was all about! In fact, I was just checking out some of my earliest entries in my very first blog, and I was shocked! – They were all just song lyrics! Hahaha…But I soon got the hang of it. It became more of an online diary, albeit less private than my padlocked-diary days.

My first blog was on Friendster (yes…it was waaaaaaaay before Facebook was even born!) and the next was on Blogspot…so by the time I moved to WordPress in 2007, I was pretty much blogging-savvy. LOL. Granted, my posts nowadays aren’t as often as they used to be, especially after I kinda went AWOL on blogging for about a year(?) as I was adapting to the new job and working life in Brunei.

But believe me when I say my writing journey is far from over, especially now, after becoming a recognised blogger under Sarawak Bloggers! What better way to continue writing and have the opportunity to meet other bloggers while at it?! Part of what I enjoy most about blogging is making blog-friends and being able to meet up with them and just talk blog, which is something non-bloggers just cannot do…


And guess what?! Who says Dreams don’t come true?

Eversince I came back to Brunei, I’ve had the opportunity to write for the Vicariate’s quarterly magazine – HOPE. In fact, I have 2 articles pending for Friday’s dateline. Oh boy! Also, I’ve been “recruited” by the Big Boss to write articles for Brunei’s side to the weekly Herald (in Malaysia) as well! No bestsellers, nor do I earn anything from my writings, but for now, just being able to write, and knowing that people read them, is enough for me. 🙂