Whatsapp check marks: Good or Bad?

I love whatsapp.

My mobile communication life has greatly improved since I had it a few years ago:

I no longer need to make expensive calls (was never really a talker anyway) unless it’s an emergency.

I no longer need to send short messages (SMS) via the mobile network operator. Those were expensive, and oh-so-limited to just text *gasps* while smileys were restricted to colons and brackets like this -> : ) …unless you send a multimedia message (MMS) which is even more expensive! Gosh.

I was among the first of my group of friends to have whatsapp and proudly introduced it to some of them – “we can message for free* now!” *Free in comparison to the expensive & limited SMS/MMS options then.

So yes I love whatsapp!

The check marks however, is a different story.

In case you’re not familiar with whatsapp, here’s how the check marks work:

When you send a message and it is delivered to the server: 1 check mark (tick) appears beside your message.

When it reaches the receiver’s device: Another tick appears, totalling 2 ticks. However, just because it has reached the receiver’s device it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has been read (you can receive a message and not open in for hours..days..etc). This has led to many a confusion about messages thought to have been read and ignored (when they were probably only delivered but yet to be read).

Well, I have good news for you! Or maybe not so good news?!

Whatsapp now has coloured ticks to show that a message has been read!

Read about how it works here:


Basically, if the 2 ticks mentioned above change from grey to blue – the message has been “read”.

Now you will know for sure if your message was read (and if it was ignored).

Now you will know for sure if you message was read (and if it was ignored).

Yeah…why do I forsee a problem with this? Sometimes it’s good to NOT know “for sure” about something…

Similar to the “last seen” status, I think this “read” ticks really just promotes stalking. There I said it! Honestly, I’ve had less to worry about when I can’t see when people were “last seen” and vice versa. If only I could not see when they were “online” or “typing..” either but I don’t think that’s an option. :/

I hope there’s an option to disable this “read” ticks. If you find out how, let me know.

Until then, enjoy stalking! I mean whatsapping! ;)

Happy Malaysia Day! – Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Wishes 'Happy Malaysia Day' Message

Mariah Carey, wishes Malaysia “‘Happy Malaysia Day! Stay strong! See you in Kuala Lumpur on 22 October ‘ XoXo Mariah Carey”.

The best selling female singer of all time will hit our shores next month, bringing her tour entitled Mariah Carey ‘The Elusive Chanteuse Show’ Tour In Malaysia 2014 on 22nd October at Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur at 8pm. Apparently Mariah’s Malaysian fans told her about our National Day and the thoughtful Diva took the opportunity to wish her much missed fans in Malaysia where she performed to a 20,000 crowd in 2004 which Mariah said was one of the best shows as the heat of the night unexpectedly gave her better vocal performance on stage.

Mariah Carey “The Elusive Chanteuse Show” Tour In Malaysia 2014 is organized by IME Productions and supported by Malaysia Major Events, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture, Malaysia. “We are excited to have Mariah Carey to perform here in Malaysia in October. Mariah’s live concert in Malaysia 2014 is a wonderful way to bring people together and we are very proud to be able to support it. Such event will further complement arrivals for Visit Malaysia Year, especially from the fans from the region and it also complements Malaysia’s position as a favourite destination for live entertainment in South East Asia. This event is expected to bring in approximately 3,000 fans from across the region with an estimated tourist spend of over RM15 million. Malaysia Major Events is glad to reward fans with this priceless opportunity to meet their favourite idol and hear to her sing their favourite songs.” said Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager, Malaysia Major Events.

The ticket prices are categorised into VVIP RM680 (number seat), RM580 (number seat), RM480 (number seat), RM380 (number seat), RM280 (free seating) and RM120 (free seating). Online tickets purchase are through official ticketing agency website http://www.ticketcharge.com.my or call for TicketCharge hotline +603 92228811 or IME Productions hotline +603 21666166 for ticket and concert information.

For more information, please log on to IME Facebook http://www.facebook.com/imepmy or TicketCharge website http://www.ticketcharge.com.my

Mariah Carey – LIVE in Malaysia!!!

Now here’s an iconic artiste that needs no introduction.

‘Always Be My Baby’ is my personal all-time favourite song of hers – and now she is coming to Malaysia!!!

Mariah Carey The Elusive Chanteuse Show Tour In Malaysia 2014 Picture

After 10 years, Mariah Carey is back for “The Elusive Chanteuse” Tour In Malaysia 2014 organized by IME Productions and supported by Malaysia Major Events, an agency under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture. Malaysia will be kicking it off on 22nd October 2014 at 8pm at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur. Just a flight away for Brunei fans!

It is no small feat to bring this diva all the way here and Mariah’s concert in Kuala Lumpur is expected to draw a huge international attention. With tickets ranging from BND40 to BND280, it’s very much possible to catch her in Kuala Lumpur and grab an opportunity visiting attractions of Malaysia while staying in the country! The ticket prices are categorised into VVIP RM680 (number seat), RM580 (number seat), RM480 (number seat), RM380 (number seat), RM280 (free seating) and RM120 (free seating). Online tickets purchase are through official ticketing agency website www.ticketcharge.com.my or call for TicketCharge hotline +603 92228811 or IME Productions hotline +603 21666166 for ticket and concert information.

Some highlights on the best-selling female artiste (singer, songwriter and producer) of all time:

  • more than 250 million albums sold to date
  • eighteen Billboard #1 singles (seventeen self-penned) including ‘Fantasy’, ‘Always Be My Baby’, ‘Hero’, ‘Touch My Body’, ‘One Sweet Day’, ‘Without You’, ‘We Belong Together’ and the global smash hit Christmas single ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’
  • five Grammy Awards, nine American Music Awards, Billboard’s “Artist of the Decade” Award, the World Music Award for “World’s Best Selling Female Artiste of the Millennium,” and BMI’s “Icon Award” to name a few.

With her distinct five-octave vocal range, prolific song writing, and producing talent, Mariah has defined the modern pop performance and fans can anticipate some mesmerising great time as the unparalleled American songstress showers her love, greatest hits and remarkable new singles to millions of people who have adored her widely acclaimed songs.

For more information, please log on to IME Facebook http://www.facebook.com/imepmy or TicketCharge website www.ticketcharge.com.my

Time to watch Malaysia

So I have a wedding to attend just around the corner…

Was thrilled for the happy couple when I heard the news – until it soon dawned on me the complicated bit :  what to wear???

You may find this as being stereotypical:

But it’s TRUE!!!

The countless times I’ve told my guy friends how I envied the fact that they could just wear decent trousers and a button-down shirt and are good to go in 2 minutes. Whereas for me, every function (wedding, dinners, parties etc) I’ve ever had to attend, this is the part that gives me the angst – a 3-part angst at that: 1) the dress, 2) the accessories (including bag and shoes) & 3) the make-up (and hair-do).

So it’s about a month to go and I’ve kinda got my dress sorted (not really), but what about the accessories?

Here’s one idea: A watch!

Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, a bag and a pair of shoes are pretty standard, but perhaps I’ll try something a bit different this time. (Pun intended.)

Apparently, there are 3 types of watch that are suitable for parties, depending on the type of party one is attending:


For a fancy dinner party, a classic stainless steel watches (gold/silver/rose gold plated) will definitely secure the look and one embellished with Swarovski crystals would be glamorous with an evening gown.


For dinner parties which are more casual, the pattern watch could easily match a blouse-and-shorts combo or floral sundress and it feels more out-going. Tasty design and feminine, it not only tells time but also doubles as an accessory.


A safe option would be to get a simple leather strap watch as one can mix and match it with any outfit and the simple and sleek design will go well with a tank top or maxi dress. Instead of the typical brown and black leather strap watch, there are also bright tone coloured straps too! Elegant and humble at the same time.

So, what do you think? If you’re getting one for yourself, check out watch Malaysia online at Zalora website now. They even deliver for FREE!

The Winners, The Men, The Beauty & The Beasts of the 2014 World Cup


This photo was too cute to not post! :D

10 days ago, The Team I was rooting for won The 2014 World Cup in Brazil…


…and IT FEELS AWESOME! #GermanyWorldChampions

And while I can gush on and on and on and on about them…

I won’t (much) but rather share my thoughts of The World Cup 2014 which campaign just ended.

And since Germany now has 4 Stars (World Cup Champions for the 4th time), here are 4 things I took out of/observed from the Brazil 2014:

1. The Winners


THE CUP – won by Germany of course

And Rihanna won best seat in the house at the after-party! Perks of being a celebrity eh eh eh…

THE GOLDEN BOOT for The Top Goalscorer went to James Rodriguez (Colombia) with 6 goals (with Thomas Mueller (Germany) with 5 goals getting Silver and Neymar (Brazil) with 4 goals getting Bronze). His stunning volley against Uruguay also won recognition as the Goal of the Tournament. Clap clap clap.

THE GOLDEN GLOVE for the Best Goalkeeper went to Manuel Neuer (Germany) who made 25 saves, completed 202 passes and kept three clean sheets. I call him Super Neuer and here’s why: http://9gag.tv/p/a9Ldmr/why-germany-goalkeeper-manuel-neuer-is-more-than-just-sweeper-keeper?ref=fbp

THE GOLDEN BALL for the Best Player went to Lionel Messi (Argentina). Wait…what?


Yeah…it was…a very unexpected…choice… for the award and I wasn’t the only one who felt so. (I find out now that many people are still questioning it to the point than even he didn’t want the award himself. A messi situation indeed.) I can’t really comment much but he himself didn’t look too happy at the point of receiving it either which was understandable since what he really wanted was The Cup. But I am happy to note that Thomas Mueller (Germany) & Arjen Robben (Netherlands) won Silver & Bronze respectively.

…which means the ultimate winner is Thomas Mueller bringing home The Cup and the Silver Boot and the Silver Ball! Sweet~

He’s got that guy-next-door doesn’t he? Cute

2. The Men – my personal favourites by roles. ;)

Players: Germany as a Team, as it should be. (Honestly, too many to mention by name). And the Netherlands too especially Robben, and Neymar (Brazil), Oscar (Brazil), Mascherano (Argentina) to name a few.

Goalkeepers: Manuel Neuer (Germany, of course), Cillessen (Netherlands), Ochoa (Mexico), Navas (Costa Rica), Cesar (Brazil) and Krul (Netherlands) for the Penalty shoot-out. Here’s a funny…Neuer and Cillessen look kinda alike, dontcha think so?

Equally good-looking too. ;)

Coach: Joachim Loew (Germany) & Van Gaal (Netherlands) both for their strategy! And for Loew, a bonus, I love his poker face!

3. The Beauty – the most memorable/unforgettable moments

-The most shocking goal differences, namely:

Brazil 1 – Germany 7 in the Semifinals

Spain 1 – Netherlands 5 in the Group Stage

-The most shocking early exits/poor performances of teams like Spain (previous World  Cup Champions), Italy, Portugal & England

-The rise of the underdogs (Colombia & Costa Rica)

-The most nerve-wrecking penalty shoot outs:

Netherlands vs Costa Rica in the Last 8 (Krul fate for Costa Rica)

Netherlands vs Argentina in the Semifinals (Krul-less Netherlands bows out)

4. The Beasts

The bad – Headbutting 0.0

Pepe (Portugal) received a red card when he headbutted Mueller (Germany).

Cameroon headbutting their own teammate. -.-

The Ugly – Biting O_O

Luis Suarez. ‘Nuf said.

And thus ends the wrap-up for my football fever and the Journey to the 2014 World Cup. It had been a wonderful journey for me personally with the team I supported bringing home the Cup! #GermanyWorldChampions

And so, for Russia 2018…#GoGermany :D